How I almost Failed as a Parent

Now before you all jump to any conclusions, this article is not about me putting myself down as a parent, nor is it a reference to me not providing for my child, this article is solely based on my opinion and thoughts after having a serious conversation with my 4 year old after an incident occurred in our neighborhood.

      So here is the story where this all sparked. After a long day of work and school, my daughter and I came home and proceeded to do our daily routine. I began cooking and she went outside to play with her friends. After about 15 minutes an Amber Alert sounded off on my phone, and as most of us do, I looked at it and then proceeded to clear the Amber Alert. Well this is where it took a complete turn. Not even two minutes of me clearing the alert, my daughter runs through the door screaming "Someone kidnapped a little girl!" 
As I saw the frightened look on her face and worry in her eyes, her confusion was  followed by questions of "Who took her?”, “Are t…

Whatever You need

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So, now that I got your attention, this next blog post is going to be way different from what I'm used to speaking on, but i been getting a lot of questions and messages about my sexuality with both sexes and the wordage of do I use protection since I "WRITE" so much about sex.

I laughed as I read some of the emails, and immediately thought to myself, "Whose says these stories are me?" Not only that but, just because I write about sex, its makes me sexually active?

Well "lesbehonest", I love woman, I love men, I love sex, I love being sexual, I love embracing my sexuality and I absolutely love writing about sex, but I am not sexually involved with random individuals nor do I kiss and tell, so with that being said I will address the issue of the importance of using Protection, since that is a subject that Needs to be talked about and mentioned, more so than who I'm screwing and if I'm using protection.

So here we go. I am going to ask whoever …

Stay Awoke

I've learned you have to not give a fuck... let me watch my language as it maybe too much!! But I've learned to be relentless, because for  so many years I buried myself in the doors of other people's thoughts, allowing my self to lose all train of thought causing a train wreck inside my mind.

You see I used to be in the public eye a lot thinking that was the thing I need, but not realizing it caused my body to be a murder scene!  As people ripped me apart for what they thought

was best for me, every limb they wanted, every curve they had to have, don't do this and don't do that.. see it was actually best for them which the worst time for me!
I had to wake up and see, that the opinions of those unconscious beings tried to steal my holy beam.. The radiant that glowed when i walked in the room.. those un-alive wanted every part of me.. which wasn't me.
I had to sit back and monitor the views I was getting as at the time I didn't know what my soul represented.…

Introduction to the Lotus

Here it is summer 2016, and I am officially a single woman. I don't know rather to celebrate or drown myself with tubs of ice cream in misery because once again I'm at the bottom of the barrel with the crabs I called single women. Probably not the nicest thing to say about my fellow woman, but hey it’s the truth. 
I never thought I would reach the point in my life where I didn't have the family, picket fence, and the dog named Dick. Well let’s be honest, I believe I cared more about the penis of a man, than the actual man himself. Maybe that was half my problem. Hell was I wrong? That's all they seemed to think about anyways. I’ve wasted so many years searching for the perfect man with the perfect dick. But I’ve realized that those two don't go hand in hand. So as of late I found most of my time consisting of reading, drinking wine, and indulging in Porn Hub for a rush of excitement.
Arriving home after a long day at the office, I pop the cork of the Nassau Royale, …

Office Trois Part: 1

Karen was heading over to Mike’s house. She  had moved in with her boss and his wife Kelly, although they all managed to keep their  arrangement under the covers from everyone at the office. As she was riding down the highway in her brand new convertible she let the top down so that she can enjoy the nice breeze that flowed through her dark brown hair. She had the music on high, and was singing at the top of her lungs to  the latest Rhi Rhi, while the passengers in the cars besides her mocked and laughed at her. But it didn't bother her, as she was on cloud nine and in a mood she her own self couldn't resist.
After a long day of shopping all she can continue to think about was the great relationship her, Mike and Kelly had, and was excited that they all revealed they had a mutual interest in one another. It has already been a few months, and she has never been this happy yet in her life.
Since day one, all three of their personalities just clicked, and the hot smoking sex was jus…

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