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Stay Awoke

I've learned you have to not give a fuck... let me watch my language as it maybe too much!! But I've learned to be relentless, because for  so many years I buried myself in the doors of other people's thoughts, allowing my self to lose all train of thought causing a train wreck inside my mind.

You see I used to be in the public eye a lot thinking that was the thing I need, but not realizing it caused my body to be a murder scene!  As people ripped me apart for what they thought

was best for me, every limb they wanted, every curve they had to have, don't do this and don't do that.. see it was actually best for them which the worst time for me!
I had to wake up and see, that the opinions of those unconscious beings tried to steal my holy beam.. The radiant that glowed when i walked in the room.. those un-alive wanted every part of me.. which wasn't me.
I had to sit back and monitor the views I was getting as at the time I didn't know what my soul represented.…

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