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since the first time we held hands is when i realized you were a different man. the warmth of your skin, tone of your voice when you spoke to me, seemed i was dreaming a false reality. from laughs to long distance lust, i just want you to make me thrust, rather sexually or emotionally i want to vibe mentally, so well have something more special to share. because when we met fate brought us there. the time the place the first kiss we shared oooohhhh, when my lips touched yours i knew i wanted to open that door and let you expirence the true feeling of exctasy, no not the drug but me. ill take you high and above i want us to understand the meaning of love i want to replace what is gone. a man yes you are and i want to make you feel like one because fate dosent just happen it forms actions even before we know. what does fate ho…

A date isnt the same anymore

okay i go on this date. and mind you its been awhile since ive actually been on a real date. this guy is no more than a friend. hes funny. cool. great convo and all so when he asked me on this date i knew for sure we were going to have a good time. well if i can recall the last date i went on was like 6 or so mnths ago and it was nice. we dressed up, and a candle lit dinner. bath , fruit. kush and all juis nice. well i met this friend at a sushi restauraunt becuzz i love sushi around 7. thats when were to meet. so i get thur about 715 lol late yes ima diva and hes calls and says hes in traffic. great i say because i hate waitng. he tells me to go get the booth and order two drinks. i said coo because i was happy 2 go on a date so i did what was told. well im sitting thur ordered to patron magaritas. as i kkkkk sittin thur blowed i realize i been waitn a minute. i look at my time it 8. infurous and call and ask him where is he this man has the nerves to tell me makin a run. bitch p…

today is the day

today is the day when i woke up and read the most powering words. the words of god. its funny how when youre having a bad day and u take a minute to actually praise and worship his name your day smooths out. yea its true.i was having bad days because i wasnt doin what i was suppose. being around negative ppl, building negative thought in my brain and so on. we have to realize everything we think we are bringing into existence. and the things i used to think i really dont want to happen. as a woman im so glad i see at a young age what and how i can make my day and life better. some woman dont find out for years. and men as well. being able to have the ppl i have now you have really knowledged me and taught me and took the glasses off my eyes i appreciate the most. even if you wasnt in my life long thank u for helpin me be more than i thought.

November Twelve Months at one Time.: As I Lay.

As I Lay.

As a Lay here I wonder where ill be years from now. I wonder if Ill still be around. I Know I do good deeds and yea I have my bad times but I live life to the fullest, sometimes overdrive.

I like racing its gets my adrenaline up, I know I wont never be stuck because the Power of my faith keeps me afloat. But still I wonder.

Is the time and work Im doing all going to be paid off, Or did I drip to another path where who knows where can take me. But still I wonder.
I wonder why when you lay in the silence of four white walls, your creative ideas and thoughts seem to rise above all. Its like If these four walls can talk what would they say/.
Would I be proud of a white wall thought of me and my crazy ways,
But still I wonder why I get called a weirdo cause I act a lil strange, why cant it be Im just on a higher level mentally and being normal isnt where I am.
But still I wonder

TOoo be Continued

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