As I Lay.

As a Lay here I wonder where ill be years from now. I wonder if Ill still be around. I Know I do good deeds and yea I have my bad times but I live life to the fullest, sometimes overdrive.

I like racing its gets my adrenaline up, I know I wont never be stuck because the Power of my faith keeps me afloat. But still I wonder.

Is the time and work Im doing all going to be paid off, Or did I drip to another path where who knows where can take me. But still I wonder.
I wonder why when you lay in the silence of four white walls, your creative ideas and thoughts seem to rise above all. Its like If these four walls can talk what would they say/.
Would I be proud of a white wall thought of me and my crazy ways,
But still I wonder why I get called a weirdo cause I act a lil strange, why cant it be Im just on a higher level mentally and being normal isnt where I am.
But still I wonder

TOoo be Continued


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