A date isnt the same anymore

okay i go on this date. and mind you its been awhile since ive actually been on a real date. this guy is no more than a friend. hes funny. cool. great convo and all so when he asked me on this date i knew for sure we were going to have a good time. well if i can recall the last date i went on was like 6 or so mnths ago and it was nice. we dressed up, and a candle lit dinner. bath , fruit. kush and all juis nice. well i met this friend at a sushi restauraunt becuzz i love sushi around 7. thats when were to meet. so i get thur about 715 lol late yes ima diva and hes calls and says hes in traffic. great i say because i hate waitng. he tells me to go get the booth and order two drinks. i said coo because i was happy 2 go on a date so i did what was told. well im sitting thur ordered to patron magaritas. as i kkkkk sittin thur blowed i realize i been waitn a minute. i look at my time it 8. infurous and call and ask him where is he this man has the nerves to tell me makin a run. bitch please im not gurl numb 2. so i curse him out and tell him if hes not here in 5 im leavn. well he made it thur but whn i tell u he came in thur with a damn mechanic suit on all dirty n stuff, smelly, hygiene bad. i was upset i never seen him like this and he came out with me like this shown out so i get up n tell em im leavn. he tells me wells whos payn for the drinks. smh hell not me i said. he tld me he aint bring no cash well br i tell em you better fnd sme cuzz im leavn and left. the point of me expressing this is to say men and woman when u go on a date pleae respect the other person time. merely plannin a date and cme not prepared is a bad look. lets be cordially and save a lil of some saineness we have as far as treatin a person good and resepectful..i couldve stayed hme and called it a blockbuster night n saved gas


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