since the first time we held hands is when i realized you were a different man. the warmth of your skin, tone of your voice when you spoke to me, seemed i was dreaming a false reality. from laughs to long distance lust, i just want you to make me thrust, rather sexually or emotionally i want to vibe mentally, so well have something more special to share. because when we met fate brought us there. the time the place the first kiss we shared oooohhhh, when my lips touched yours i knew i wanted to open that door and let you expirence the true feeling of exctasy, no not the drug but me. ill take you high and above i want us to understand the meaning of love i want to replace what is gone. a man yes you are and i want to make you feel like one because fate dosent just happen it forms actions even before we know. what does fate hold behind the door, not sure but thr reason we met this season can be long or short but we met and kept some type of bond because fate allowed us to be the bag on one another arm.


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