today is the day

today is the day when i woke up and read the most powering words. the words of god. its funny how when youre having a bad day and u take a minute to actually praise and worship his name your day smooths out. yea its true.i was having bad days because i wasnt doin what i was suppose. being around negative ppl, building negative thought in my brain and so on. we have to realize everything we think we are bringing into existence. and the things i used to think i really dont want to happen. as a woman im so glad i see at a young age what and how i can make my day and life better. some woman dont find out for years. and men as well. being able to have the ppl i have now you have really knowledged me and taught me and took the glasses off my eyes i appreciate the most. even if you wasnt in my life long thank u for helpin me be more than i thought.


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