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Time Waits For No one

Slow down I said Im not quite done, I have so much work I need to get done'
Just give me another hr or two, i promise ill be done and be able to talk to you
Wait this cant be true, its dark its light, did i even close my eyes..
Time or where does time go?
its movin so fast I just want it to go slow..i have so much to accomplish and i feel so rushed but time waits for no one why am i complaining about being rushed

hush..just do what you have to do because without a clock or watch you wouldnt know 10 from do what you have to do
cause Time is not going to wait for you..

this was so random
To My Favorite Photographer Shawn Darnell, he has been there for me through more than just my career he has dealt with my personal drama as well. Me and shawn has been on a long journey together starting from Denver to ATL. he has ggot me published in Skin Tones; Straight Stuntn; Gorgeous Magazine, Don Diva etc  and a host of interviews he took part in. he is not only a great photographer but hes a great friend, and how else to tell him except on MY Thank u Shawn for everything youve done for me and my career and personal life. you are do it big BIG DADDY lol

Core Models Worldwide

Now Im touching basis on this Because my core sister Geri C Touched this topic.. As you all know IM a Core Model and has been for over 3yrs and I must say ever since I bcame apart of this family i been blessed to meet tons of people i never thought i would come across. We are a family and if you dont respect that than kiss our pretty little a$$$ we run together and stick up for eachother, and if someone tries to mess with one you mess with all.
The boss Tony Neal has not only excepted me in this family he also has given me so much knowledge pertaining to this game called Industry and that i am thankful for so thank u tony.And for all my Core dj bretherns you all appreciated for what u do and  without djs wouldnt be artist..remember that..we Core models love you to. And my core sisters I love you and got your back through this industry and real life situations outside of the core. we are all Woman with grace and thanks for portraying that..Now LETS TAKe OVER 


and welcome and thanks for coming by. Yea i know my blog is not all shiny filled with a whole bunch of gossip but I swore to all my fans i will be updating my blog a little more so you all can see a bigger picture of me and what I do..
Right now i have some of my basic writing on here and Yes I am a writer, i will add more as the days just be patient dam it lol
but jus a few things that will be on here my writing from my books im writing, poetry; thoughts, news im interested in and maybe some dudes i may blast out or some things kinky and darn right nasty, hell i dont know

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