The Life In the A..

Life in the A, oh what can i say. bright flashing lights; parties all night its defintely the FAST LIFE. Surrounded by music and drugs; fighting temptations dudes walking around looking for the next plug. THE LIFE IN THE A
Bentleys and Mercedes cars' shiny jewerly ppl pretending to be something they are not. The  gays the starights, undercover brothers walking astray in silence. Woman chasen woman for a lil bit of fun, dinner with different partners tryna get a dolla LIFE IN THE A
long drives; followed by drive bys, lil kids grow to fast lookn at a 12 year give up her ass A LIFE IN THE A
where everyboy wanna be somebody on a tv screen jus to been seen in a video or movie THE LIFE IN THE A
what can i say i came from the country to  the city so its all new the fast lane sometime isnt coo,
so catch up to the LIFE IN THE A


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