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Im free From ALL

I stand tall above all, feeling the greatness i hold within, not bound by shackles at the hand nor feet but the evil spirits that try and control me.

Little Voices I hear of negative actions "do this do that" with no sight of future direction but i steer right ingnoring the wrong turn
My own opinions is what leads to my own redemption of sucess or failure, well failure is not a option

I control my Attiude, Actions, Attriubutes the three A's i call em cause without ATTITUDE youll form wrong ACTIONS which ends in no ATTRIBUTES to no purpose which performs pointless ACTIONS controlled by your ATTITUDE

Teaching others to keep an open mind past the WORLDLY things, living is HAPPINESS which is the simpliest thing
Thats why most seem to feel the worst when the worst isnt nearly as bad as it seems, keep believing with a head high, shoulders up and eyes on the obvious movements\

Im free from all bec…

Mc Hammer disses jay Z..In new Song He better Run



Now I don't really do gossip nor care about the industry doing but i just HAD to speak on MC hammer coming out with this video saying Jay z Sold his soul and so fourth, with allegations from MC hammer saying the reason he lost millions was very statues of gargoyles he had bought RIGHT????

well in my opinion the Video was straight lame. You can diss someone about selling there soul to the devil when in your video you have fire which represents the devil, wearing mostly black which represent evil  and wearing a shirt with a man with wings and horns..Must i go on..see most ppl fail to look at videos more clearly but not I ..theres a message in every video and I believe MC Hammer just wanted some attention and created this video without thinking cause clearly he has some satanic and Illuminati things in here as well..
all i have to say is SMH
I decided to write a poem about Love since so many say that word.. enjoy and Know Love is from God...

What is Love to you? Is it a four letter word that says your heart is true? That one you see your life with,can love make or break it? What is your definition of love? does it hold a secrect signifigance?

See I never understood the word love because I use it so much. I love my family, I love God but how do you know when to use Love? We misuse it, we down play it and use it for evil, when Love is supposed to bring Joy over your growing years..

male or female who can love first? Is there a pattern of generations that can seperate love from Lust? if you never been Loved how do you know what love is? Or how do you know youre loving the right way?

Is the one you love guiding you? teachin you how to love?
Love is from the heart its not forced or moved too soon. You determine who you love physically, mentally and emotionally than love will sexually encouter,

What is love? a strong positive e…

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