I decided to write a poem about Love since so many say that word.. enjoy and Know Love is from God...

What is Love to you? Is it a four letter word that says your heart is true? That one you see your life with,can love make or break it? What is your definition of love? does it hold a secrect signifigance?

See I never understood the word love because I use it so much. I love my family, I love God but how do you know when to use Love? We misuse it, we down play it and use it for evil, when Love is supposed to bring Joy over your growing years..

male or female who can love first? Is there a pattern of generations that can seperate love from Lust? if you never been Loved how do you know what love is? Or how do you know youre loving the right way?

Is the one you love guiding you? teachin you how to love?
Love is from the heart its not forced or moved too soon. You determine who you love physically, mentally and emotionally than love will sexually encouter,

What is love? a strong positive emotion of regard and affection or any object of warm affection or devotion its both, and I just ask you all to love kind and to let your love flow from God because LOVE IS A GIFT FROM HIM AND IT SHOULD NOT BE FORSAKEN...

by November


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