Mc Hammer disses jay Z..In new Song He better Run


Now I don't really do gossip nor care about the industry doing but i just HAD to speak on MC hammer coming out with this video saying Jay z Sold his soul and so fourth, with allegations from MC hammer saying the reason he lost millions was very statues of gargoyles he had bought RIGHT????

well in my opinion the Video was straight lame. You can diss someone about selling there soul to the devil when in your video you have fire which represents the devil, wearing mostly black which represent evil  and wearing a shirt with a man with wings and horns..Must i go on..see most ppl fail to look at videos more clearly but not I ..theres a message in every video and I believe MC Hammer just wanted some attention and created this video without thinking cause clearly he has some satanic and Illuminati things in here as well..
all i have to say is SMH


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