Did I make a MIstake

Did i make a mistake when i said we should be together? did i make a mistake saying Ill love you forever?
Only thinking about the way you treat me, youre not treating me like your one and only queen

you say words that flatter me at times but your actions are not one OF kind/
sometimes you remind me of the old guys I
WASwith , not putting your girl in first place showing me my home is not a safe place.
I do feel chemistry between our words but my love goes deep down into the soul, plus an chemistry equation can always go wrong.

Did i make a mistake in giving you my love? did i make a mistake giving away my first love?
so many adjustments i gotta go through with you, Sexaully getting used to the things you dont do, Mentally putting my mind in yours trying to open the secrect door, Physically giving you 100 percent or more but should I when you may not make it thru that second door?

Only time can tell but its ticking, dont think cause were together youll get everything you was wishing.
Did i make a mistake in picking someone just like me?did i make a mistake by looking into your eyes trying to reveal me?

After all this I still dont think you got a clue anout me, accusations which you claim them to be
a person i look at than dont see blurred visions and dreams of our reality,
did I make a mistake in making you my king? your power over bearing with the peasants chasing after your queen when unseen things get get done in the midst of a blink of a eye
just one thing dont forget your not the only guy, competition is at place all the time
and dont be that guy that loses your pace



Andrew said…
very deep and true words... question about every partnership (i guess). I think the central concept is exactly in the following questions : "Did i make a mistake in picking someone just like me?did i make a mistake by looking into your eyes trying to reveal me?". So often we look for something of us in the other. Something that we love and that scares us in the same moment.
But finally i think that a man must love his woman as a queen, as a godess,as the person with whom live everyday life,and also as an indipendent person that has her own aspiration and desires ...and as a true friend that could understand and that has to be understood... and obtain the same respect and love from her.

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