Flying high

Flying high above the clouds, is so peaceful and serene, no worries no stress you cant even see the birds and the bees,
the sun seems to be so close as it shines upon my face, rays of beauty appear as i know God has me in his grace.
looking out the airplane window tryna figure out where should i go, with the unlimited possibilities
and all the beautiful scenaries how can i choose just one place to go
I want to see it all, and see new things expirence new cultures and find Peace in ME

Quiet sounds, soft movements, some a little shaky but by remembering that flying so high the past has no memories.the first step onto the plane is when all my worries went away.

Sitting in this sit 27f my mind as clear as it could ever be, wishing i can step out and be flying above the seas,
water is so serene.
everything looks so much smaller from up here when i feel like a giant down there
the different curves, and colors, residences look like large blocks of dusts..

Im flying highremoving myself from the SO CALLed WORLD and taking my peace with me..flying so high no one knows me.
they say the clouds is when you reach the limit well im wanna exceed the limit i want to conquer the furthest you can go

By Ms November


Andrew said…
what a wonderful poetry, my dear Sweetie..i like it so much .You wrote words that touch the hearth.
I like your way of writing, is like a painting with soft colours.
You know my recurrent dream has always been to fly too, and you wrote so well those sensations that it seems to fly really with you, a gorgeous and blessed lady of grace; your own grace, and hotness, and beauty,and elegance, and happiness that you irradiate all around you.
So glad to have known you

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