After Marc picked me up from NYC airport he dropped me off at one of the nicest hotels in Manhattan. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t go to his house, maybe he had a girlfriend he didn’t want me figuring out about. I didn’t think too much about it though hell this was just a weekend fling. When he dropped me off he told me a taxi was going to be here at 9oclock to pick me up, and here it is 830pm and I’m not even half way dressed.

As I’m packing my bags the hotel phone rings. Who the hell could this be calling the hotel; it’s probably the wrong number.

Hello, Hello!

Hey Grace, Its Marc what’s up what you doing?

Um nothing much was getting ready to head down stairs. Why what’s up? Knowing I was scattering through all my things like a tornado.

The taxi just called and said he outside so, whenever you’re ready just head downstairs.

Oh okay, as I looked over at the clock. It was 10 minutes till 9 and I had a lot to do. Okay marc, I’ll call you when I’m close. Okay?

Okay Grace and don’t forget the lingerie he quickly says before I hung up.

I won’t, and hung up. I didn’t mean to rush him off the phone but I didn’t have much time to finish prepping.

I throw on some nice tight fitted jeans and a nice blouse that had a deep v that showed my breast very well. He said he was a breast man so to turn him on I went to that extent. As I’m walking out the door I take one more glance at the room making sure I didn’t forget anything before heading out.

It was 905 and the taxi made sure I knew of the time. You’re late, he’s says opening the door.

Well actually sir I’m on time, but thanks for telling me, chuckling while stepping in the car.

As I’m sitting in the taxi my nerves began to get bad. We’ve only spoken a few times and sent text messages back and forth when I longed for his body or he’s seduction. We loved having sex tex, it was new and interesting and left our mind wondering. I was just hoping he really didn’t turn out to be a psycho or freak.

While sitting there I realized were not moving. Sir is there a problem? I asked the cab driver?

Yes madam, traffic. What do you want me to do?

Well sir I’m not from here, are there any back roads?

No madam just one way, sorry.

How long will it be before we arrive at our destination?

Madam it’ll be about 15 minutes tops.

Okay, I say looking at him. I guess I’ll call Marc and let him know the business just in case he had plans lined up already.

Hey Marc, what’s up? It’s Grace.

Hey lovely, are you here.

No not yet. We got stuck in a little bit of traffic; taxi said it’ll be another 15 minutes, cool?

That’s sucks, he says. Damn New York traffic so unpredictable. Well Grace when you get here just come on in ill leave the door unlock I have to finish getting ready. The condo is on the 6th floor apt 617.

Okay I’ll see you soon Marc, and hangs up.

As we pulled up to the condo it was beautifully decorated and the brick was white and gorgeous. Nice tall scrapers, bright lights, and looks real expensive I said to myself stepping out the taxi. As I walked up and into the condo first thing I noticed was the fragrance from the candles lit and a nice fire going. I didn’t expect all of this, we must be dining in I said to myself.

Standing in the middle of his living room I look around and try and figure out where he is, and then I notice the shower running. As I peeked through the crack of the door all I can see is his muscular toned body dripping with soapy water through the shower glass. He looked amazing, way better than the picture messages. I wanted to jump in and my body was craving it.

After thinking for several minutes if I should or shouldn’t get in, I quickly undressed myself, leaving my clothes right where I stood. I begin to get turned on watching him wash every inch of his body. They way he moved sent butterflies thru my stomach and he hasn’t even touched me yet.

I begin to play with my cookie, rubbing it gently in a circular motion. He’s nice strong hands and deep toned voice. I can picture my legs wrapped around my neck while he stroked that nice hard long cock inside of me. Slowly opening the door I crept in slowly opening the shower door.

Oh shoot Grace, you scared me.

Sorry baby, you mind if I hop in with you?

No not at all, he says staring at my nice tight figure. I can even wash you, I mean if you don’t mind.

I didn’t say one word. I grabbed his big hands and placed them on my hips, we looked at each other passionately in one another eyes. Water was dripping over both of our bodies and the intention to please one another was definitely in play.

He begins scrubbing my body while the soap drips down my body; he sensually begins sucking on my nipples with his tongue.

Ooh marc, that’s feels good. Harder, bite it harder. The thought of him sucking on my nipples had my vagina going and I loved penetration to I loved the pain when he sucked on my nipples.

Oh yea, you like this. What else do you like Grace?

I like it all baby, just do what you do and Ill assist you if need be.

He then listens. He moves his hand down rubbing my clit softly, Still sucking on my nipples. My body is feeling so good and tingling like crazy. I throw my leg up and around his waist hinting to him I want it now and I think he got the hint.

He picks me up and carries me out the shower to the bedroom, which was a surprise because as he laid me down on the bed surrounding me were red tulips and roses. The scent smelt so amazing it was like we were standing in the middle of a fresh flower garden. After he laid me on the bed I swore we were going to get it on but he stops and looks at me.

What’s wrong Marc, Did I do something wrong?

No honey, I just don’t want to rush. I want to enjoy. Do you have the lingerie I asked you to bring?

Yes I do, want me to put it on?

Yes I do, he deep sexy voice said, and while you’re doing that imp going to go make your plate. Are you hungry?

Umm sure, I guess; knowing in the back of my mind I wanted to hop on top of him and ride it like a bike all night. I think he’s trying to tease me, and that some bull. But I didn’t argue.

I put on my lingerie and waited for dinner.

Marc, what’s on the menu? I yell from the bedroom.

Come find out, it’s done.

I open the bedroom door and walk in with my 4inch heels, fishnets and sheer one piece.

Damn baby, how am I supposed to eat dinner with you like that?

Well you know Marc; I would love to be your dinner.

I bet you can Grace but a little later ill have you for dessert. As he chuckled

We sat and conversed over wine and spaghetti. I guess getting to know him was the beginning of a fiery night. But the whole time he was talking all I can picture is his hard cock that slung to the left penetrating me. Every fantasy I wanted to have with this man and I wasn’t joking.

Grace is you ready? All of me are you ready?

What do you mean by all Marc? Are you okay? We just have two glasses of wine so he may be a bit tipsy.

I’m fine; im asking you are you ready for this experience tonight?

Experience? What are you talking about? I was totally lost.

Let me show you. Close your eyes

As I close my eyes I pretend to be nervous but deeply I was throbbing from head to toe with this awkward energy.

Now hold my hands lovely, and walk slowly and let me guide you.

His hands had so much power. I took a deep breath and listened.

As we begin to walk a hear a loud door open.

Marc what was that?

Shh Grace let me guide you.

What are we doing? What does this experience consists of?

I have a surprise for you.

Surprise. I don’t do well with surprises.

Well Grace I have a private room in the back, and vie decorated it just for our pleasure.

Both of our palms were sweating at this point. It was going to happen and I like it.

Now when I take the wrap of your eyes Grace just flow with me, Okay?

He begins to slide the wrap off my eyes.

Oh my gosh! This is amazing. Mouth dropped. It was a nice large bedroom that had red lights glowing. On the bed was fruit and whip crème, than towards the dresser I turn and see different choices of vibrators.

This is umm amazing, when did you

Cutting me off he shhs me and continue to tell me to flow. So I do.

Now don’t jump grace this may be cold. He begins to spray whip crème on my nipples that lead down to my belly button and grabs two strawberries.

This is yours, take a bite.

So I did very slowly I dip it in the whip crème off my nipple and brought it to my lips. Opening my mouth slowly I take a small bite.

Ah, what was that? I squeaked

Its my tongue baby, I didn’t want strawberries anymore and put his head back down and started devouring this punanie.

Oh that feels good. Umm daddy I moaned. As I tilt my head back I enjoy him licking my clit to my ass. It felt really good, his nice thick tongue rubbing against my walls. My legs was jumping and shivering. I grab the back of his head and pull him in closer wanting to feel every movement he did.

As my curls begin to curl I begin to cum in his mouth.

Oh marc, baby. Its coming oh my gosh. Yes yes right there I said louder and louder and I came right in his mouth and he drunk every drip of it.

You like that Grace? Is that what you been longing for?

Yes it is. Oh wow that was really great. He grabs my waste and slowly engages his penis into my vagina.

Very slowly, he watches the cum drip onto his dick.

Damn girl, you wet as hell. You must love daddy’s dick.

As I laugh I begin slowly fucking he back lifting my body up and down back and forth.

Oh okay I see you aren’t a lazy woman. You like to be involved uh?

I sure do marc; Now fuck me until I come all over you.

He begin fucking me hard picking me up and ramming it in. he grabbed my chest and looked and me and that turned him on even more.

Damn baby, like that? You like how this pussy feels around your penis? Tel me daddy, you like it wet you want me to cum all on this dick.

Ooh girl I like the way you’re talking.

He flips me over and I begin riding his dick grinding it nice and slow back and forth.

He dick got so hard it felt it in my stomach. I put my legs up and start bouncing on it.

His moans begin to get louder and his legs begin tensing up. His toes curled and hands began grabbing me tighter.

Yes grace grind it make this dick come.

Daddy I want it from the back. Please I want to feel you from the back.

After flipping into numerous positions and coming multiple times he finally gives me what I want. He pulls out slowly licks my ass and pussy wants more and slides it in from the back.

Oh wow. Like that Marc? I definitely underestimated him.

Like that, As he goes faster than slows down.

Im bouts to come Grace, You ready?

It was the weirdest thing because he was hitting it so good from the back as he began to come my pussy squirted all on his dick. We both looked at one another and said three words

What an explosion!!!!


Anonymous said…
wow, i adore your writing style,your phrases,your pauses..and the story is so hot!! It's like being inside it..and it's fantastic!!

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