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Rags N Riches Feature Photos By paul Hu

Girl In The Mirror

When I wake up in the morning, every day I see this girl, and every day I ask her Who are You? Sometime she laughs or shell just stare and for many of years that’s all she did was stare and I wondered why? Was she afraid of the reflection she sees? Or just didn’t know what to say or how to respond? Every day this girl face was painted in my mind and everyday it was with me where ever I went. Not one moment passed where I wouldn’t think who is this girl in the mirror? And why couldn’t she answer the simplest question, WHO ARE YOU?

Well, 2011 I looked at this girl all day and all night and every time I will ask Who are you? She finally replied I am you. You want to know who I am, well listens cause I’m only going to tell you once.

I am the girl who wiped away your tears at 14 years old when you had no one to talk to. I am the girl who motivated you to go to school and achieve your dreams when everyone else doubted you. I am the girl I the pictures that helps you feel beautiful when you …

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