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Dont FORget to SMILE!!!

There are many of us that live day to day and sometime forget to crack a smile. And I myself forget to do this at times myself that's my reason for expressing it on My blog ha.

Living in this society right now a lot of us are hurting, struggling or lost and just cant seem to focus on anything else because were all just trying to SURVIVE. We stress so much and get involved in our own selfish emotions we are sometime blind to the blessings that the Lord has put around us to help us even to SURVIVE day to day. So since were to blind to see the simple blessings most of us act out using  anger  as the way to express their frustrations and worries, while  showing to the people closest to us how we act like animals rather than showing love and kindness to one another.

Now we all get caught up in work, and or quick to judge those around us because it seems like there attitude is shitty and you don't know why? Remember you never know what he next person is going through nor walked a mi…

Time IS Money..SO PAy uP!!

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by and supporting my thoughts and randomness. Well really whats on my Mind is WHY do PEOPLE NOT WANT TO PAY YOU FOR YOUR TIME OR WORK? Ive came across a couple situations recently and I must say people complain about a lot of things, want it this way and that way but don't want to pay you for your work or talent. NOT COOL AT ALL

IF I must say, being I dib and dab in a lot of activities, events and most of the time is on the go, I merely do not have time for you to be picky when you don't want to pay me for all the work I'm putting in. FOR EXAMPLE: Say I'm writing a story and you ask me to just deliver something to you.You have really no thoughts and say do it from scratch. Okay no problem. I did as asked, sent it off and the client loved it.  Two days later the client ask to change some things around, um strike 1. So I fix it up twit it courtesy exchange. Send it email it and the client likes that better. A week later the client calls …

Are threesomes Good For YOU or YOUr Relationship

Now this is a very touchy subject to me. Alot of people always ask me if i had an expirence whether there curious or is planning to have one. Yes i have had a threesome and to be honest it was one of the best sexually expirences i have ever had.

A threesome, in lady of my calibur stand point is with One male and two females, others may prefer more or more males than others but not I.
Me and my partner had a threesome and of course we had set many do's and dont before linking up with this girl. and i defintely advise it. having a threesome can either affect your relationship in a good way or bad.
It could help in a good way because it enhances your mans sex drive which if he is all the way into you that is the whole purpose. but it can be bad by someone getting jealous, not enough attention or someone crossed the line.
Now the first steps in having a threesome is picking the right people, linking up and vibing way before it goes down. Not only will it help you all be more c…

Whats new with November

Hey everyone Im just writing to catch you up on some projects thats keeping me busy. So those of you who drop by, or visit frequently add yourself and support my work i do appreciate all the love and support that keeps Ms November name out there

So for one...

I am currently doing what I love, Writing. I am writing for Alle'chant Belle Magazine that is based out of chicago. I just recently started working with them on there Second Issue and I am geeked :-) A special thanks goes to Doug and Lorenzo Smith for giving me the opportunity to be apart of a winning team yaayy me
So please follow them as @LSFotography1 and @Allechantb_mag


I am currently representing a Clothing Line called "COCKI DENIM" By Christopher Michael. So far it has been a incredible expirence and his clothing is off the chain. Its edgy, different and feels great. HE also has other adventures hes getting into ofr children and accesories. so be watching out for photoshoots coming up with his clothing.…

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