Dont FORget to SMILE!!!

There are many of us that live day to day and sometime forget to crack a smile. And I myself forget to do this at times myself that's my reason for expressing it on My blog ha.

Living in this society right now a lot of us are hurting, struggling or lost and just cant seem to focus on anything else because were all just trying to SURVIVE. We stress so much and get involved in our own selfish emotions we are sometime blind to the blessings that the Lord has put around us to help us even to SURVIVE day to day. So since were to blind to see the simple blessings most of us act out using  anger  as the way to express their frustrations and worries, while  showing to the people closest to us how we act like animals rather than showing love and kindness to one another.

Now we all get caught up in work, and or quick to judge those around us because it seems like there attitude is shitty and you don't know why? Remember you never know what he next person is going through nor walked a mile in there shoes..So learn a story instead of creating up one. *smile*
Sometimes if we just stopped a random person and just told them something beautiful or unique about them for that one second, do you ever think how it can affect there whole day or life? No matter what age, nationality, genre we are all the same one way or the other and made from one person Our Most High.

One day at work I went around and told all the teachers they were beautiful, and just the excitement and random smiles i received from those simple words warmed my heart and I know for sure there spirit.

I'm just saying not only is Smiling good for your health it is the most beautiful feeling you can ever receive or give. So just smile once in awhile, crack a joke and don't take life so serious. Live it to the fullest, have fun and create memories that will keep you smiling at the most random times..

Smile You're on



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