Time IS Money..SO PAy uP!!

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by and supporting my thoughts and randomness. Well really whats on my Mind is WHY do PEOPLE NOT WANT TO PAY YOU FOR YOUR TIME OR WORK? Ive came across a couple situations recently and I must say people complain about a lot of things, want it this way and that way but don't want to pay you for your work or talent. NOT COOL AT ALL

IF I must say, being I dib and dab in a lot of activities, events and most of the time is on the go, I merely do not have time for you to be picky when you don't want to pay me for all the work I'm putting in. FOR EXAMPLE: Say I'm writing a story and you ask me to just deliver something to you.You have really no thoughts and say do it from scratch. Okay no problem. I did as asked, sent it off and the client loved it.  Two days later the client ask to change some things around, um strike 1. So I fix it up twit it courtesy exchange. Send it email it and the client likes that better. A week later the client calls and ask for something else. Um no at this point you get what you get. Obviously, you don't know what you you want so just stick with it or go to someone else who will deal with it.

You have to understand. Someone like me when I get an okay I agree with the final project, I'm done. I scratch it off and move on to my next idea, project etc. I don't have time to put my other plans on hold because you have a change of mind. If you pay me sure ill take the time and DO extra WORK but I'm not going to just do it whenever you feel like mixing it up.

This is only am example but there are many situations i can throw on here. I'm sick of it and remember this is BUSINESS not PLEASURE..TIME IS Money..and MONEY feels way MORE BETTER.




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