Whats new with November

Hey everyone Im just writing to catch you up on some projects thats keeping me busy. So those of you who drop by, or visit frequently add yourself and support my work i do appreciate all the love and support that keeps Ms November name out there

So for one...

I am currently doing what I love, Writing. I am writing for Alle'chant Belle Magazine that is based out of chicago. I just recently started working with them on there Second Issue and I am geeked :-) A special thanks goes to Doug and Lorenzo Smith for giving me the opportunity to be apart of a winning team yaayy me
So please follow them as @LSFotography1 and @Allechantb_mag


I am currently representing a Clothing Line called "COCKI DENIM" By Christopher Michael. So far it has been a incredible expirence and his clothing is off the chain. Its edgy, different and feels great. HE also has other adventures hes getting into ofr children and accesories. so be watching out for photoshoots coming up with his clothing.. Follow him on twitter as well @CMclothing Co


I am in the new issues of Stunnaz Magazine Spring edition. Please support and follow them as well @StunnazMagPROMO and @stunnazmag

this is just a small update but be on the look out for alot more of me. Posters will be available very soon. so get excited, I know I am



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