Ima gona be the BIG 25 yayy

Youre probaly not as excited as i am but i am truly geeked to be turning 25. Im not sure why when most people hate it because they realize they are getting older, but I have been through so much i believe that turning 25 is my REALIZATION state. When I say REALIZATION STATE i mean im finally realizing im am not a child anymore, moreless a true adult.

Now dont get me wrong I have been grown since I moved out my mothers house at 16 (yes i was a fast ass) but Ive always held my own. but moving out so young took me thru through really bad relationships that cause alot of stress, headaches and confusion on top of a waste of time, but DEFINITELy a learning lesson. I have also put myself in many situations where my life was at stake which couldve eliminated me even seeing LIFE this far.

But i have also seen things people are scared to see or wouldnt know how to act, met some of the most influential positive people who have given me some great advice and lessons that i will hold on to for life.

I have done some of the wildest things and had some crazy random moments that will leave u saying wth!!!!
BUT regardless of any of that I have nothing to complain about thus far in my life regardless of the struggles or set backs Ive expirenced.

Now that Im 25, i realized i am truly blessed. I mean i had other life goals and plans I wanted to achieve before this age but i believe everything happens for a reason. But i must say I am in a VERY happy relationship which I can say he is an awesom man, i have a job where i teach the youth (our furture) and have awesome people around me who care. and with that what more can you ask for?

ALL im going to say is from June 13, 1986 Is when i realized i was definitely unique and have a strong energy. I call myself a SUPERHERO.. and that is what im going to continue to be. Being a postive light to those around me.

So thank ad praises go up to the most high and my mother and father for allowing me to be on this earth for this long.

you will see more of my work, pictures, videos and moe coming real soon, U have to understand
SOMETIME THE LIFE YOU THOUGHT WAS FOR YOU ISNT THE LIFE GOD HAS PLANNED FOR YOU" and that is why I am transforming at 25 to the woman that God wants me to be instead of what i want to be..

but thanks for reading my randomness



Anonymous said…
happy birthday

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