Men Pay attention to your woman NEEDS!!!!

As a woman writing to tell men how to please a woman makes me excited because too many men think they have woman figured out and truth be told 60 percent of you have no clue rather it be mid 20’s,30’s,40’s etc.  My grandpa always said “everyday a man will figure something new about a woman” and I agree. So let me give you some tips on, what a woman wants from a man and how to please a woman sexually.
To begin, I always here men say “she asks for too much”, or “all she wants is my money” and one more “she isn’t my girl” but is seen with her everywhere. And then we have the men who just don’t recognize a good woman when he sees one. Women don’t want too much from a man. Ill list 8 things I believe a woman wants from a Man. Although the list can be longer let me just give some basics.
  • RESPECT We want you to appreciate our goals and opinions. Be open with us. Listen to our ideas and thoughts. Treat us like you would want to be treated or better yet treat your woman like you will treat your mother.  
  • Protection Woman need to feel protected. But don’t get that word twisted, we want to feel like if something fails us financially or mentally you’ll be there to pick us up and help us solve the problem.  I’m not saying we woman are going to be dependent on you and use you for your money but you don’t want her to feel alone either.
  • Time Give your woman some time alone with you. Build with her let her know what’s on your mind. Treat us like were your Top Priority and you really enjoy her company. Yes the games are exciting and hanging with the boys but remember at the end of the day you come home to her. You want a happy home or troubled?
  • Communication Women are very vocal creatures. Even though we know how you feel expressing it makes it even better. Also try letting us know how we look; or how express how her hair looks or when she wears an outfit. Women are insecure so compliments are good once in a while.
  • Humor this is very short and good for both of you. Give and share laughter that way it’s never a dull moment.
  • Commitment Woman who are most of the time twenty and above is looking to get serious and build a foundation. We don’t want to date a man who hasn’t found themselves and is moving from here to there. Be stable and have consistency rollercoasters aren’t fun all the time.
  • Be Generous Woman like nice things it could be big or small. Try flowers, a sweater or blouse she’s been talking about, hell you can even take her lingerie shopping that’s a plus for both of you. We don’t want you to go broke but showing us you’re not cheat and selfish is better.
  • Be Spontaneous We don’t want it to be the same date or same movie every weekend. Be creative with is and don’t be afraid to try new things. Go have a picnic or romantic getaway. Be fun it’s okay to act like a kid again

Now pleasing a woman is not the easiest thing in the world, although once you get inside her it feels like it. Don’t just fuck your woman men, make her feel incredible, help her have the biggest orgasm she can possibly have while you have her legs spread eagle.
If you plan on getting sexual with her make sure you have more on your  my mind than just in and out not unless that’s what you both have going on than good for you but if not put some effort. 

The First steps of making her pussy wet are compliments. Making her feel confident allows her to loosen up, which will be easier for you as you go on. Giving a massage or shoulder rub will also increase her drive. Caress her body, whisper in her ear or try softly kissing the dip of her back. Getting in tune to one another’s body helps create energy between the bodies that allows you to get hot and moist which will increase both climaxing experiences . 

After completing the prepping stage you are now ready for the next step which is Oral sex and SEX. 

Sex is more important to woman than men simply because we are emotional creatures. Start by kissing on her thighs, stomach or nipples, tease her tab bit. Rub your tongue up and down her body make it jerk and move. When you go down which you should be doing. Eating the pussy is the beginning stage of her cumin or skeeting everywhere, kiss her clit be different and do different movements, we have many nerves down there that will stimulate us. Move slowly up and down her vagina with your tongue. Don’t be scared use your hands to her open her up to feel her with your fingers, if she doesn’t got for that move on. Don’t make her cum while giving her oral but getting her close will be more of a rush. And if you’re not sure if it’s time to move on or she cums touch her clit it should be very sensitive.
After giving her Oral slowly slide in (with condom of course), it should be nice and wet by then. Make sure you’re in the right position while you stroke in and out. If she likes it doggy start doggy but communicate to her and let her know and hopefully shell do the same. You always want to be on the same page. Pay attention when you’re in the pussy if you are stroke the G-spot or let her ride that way it’ll be a sure way to cum. 
Now sexually you can be rough, kinky, and freaky whatever you like. But never rush sex with a woman and that means Cuming to fast. Hold in for the ride and show her it’s not just about your pleasure but her as well.

So to sum all this up communicate, take time and pay attention to your woman. Not only will it help the relationship but it’ll help your sex life even better which will end in a longer, healthier commitment to one another. Protect yourself and enjoy.


Anonymous said…
very insightful and what you say has a lot of good points, but i believe that not only should this be done on a case by case bases on the woman but also a case by case bases on every time you have sex. i feel that sometimes it should be candles and romance and then other times i think it should be fun or even a quickie before work. just to keep things lively and on her toes.

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