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Why look in my eyes and tell me lies, when really I know the truth/ pretending to be the perfect guy when finally i found proof/ All this time we played with eachothers mind when i thought we both agreed/ we are going to be one anothers bestfriend Bonnie an Clyde is you and Me/ Its hard to believe that it still goes on, its like youre living a double life/ I see one thing you tell me another, what am I supposed to believe? or should i suppose its all just lies/ you have to Earn trust especially when somethings in the past went wrong/ not saying i dont trust you but all the pieces are not in the puzzle/

As the games are getting old, and its gets harder to stay. I love you alot but i dont come last, i like being in first place.


November's The Only Time To Give THANKS!!: Ladies: Show your man some Attention!!!!!!

Ladies: Show your man some Attention!!!!!!

When it comes to pleasing a man do you really know how to stimulate the male physically, spiritually, emotionally and sexually? Ladies we all said at one time or another “I know how to satisfy my man” or “My cookie is too good he isn’t going anywhere”. RIGHT! If every woman knew how to please their man why are there so many men straying away from their marriage or relationship? I think what women fail to realize taking a man to his ultimate drive doesn’t begin nor end with just sex, although it helps. Ladies never limit how much you can do to please a man. Make him feel like he’s all you want and make him reach and feel so high if he did consider leaving hell have to search hard for someone who does what u  do but better, and trust if u don’t hold back it’ll be hard to find another.

Mentally  and spiritually: When you’re with a man do you sit down and take the time to ask him what he likes and dislikes? Or do you just assume? Stimulating the male mind helps him see pass just sex but mo…

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