Ladies: Show your man some Attention!!!!!!

When it comes to pleasing a man do you really know how to stimulate the male physically, spiritually, emotionally and sexually? Ladies we all said at one time or another “I know how to satisfy my man” or “My cookie is too good he isn’t going anywhere”. RIGHT! If every woman knew how to please their man why are there so many men straying away from their marriage or relationship? I think what women fail to realize taking a man to his ultimate drive doesn’t begin nor end with just sex, although it helps. Ladies never limit how much you can do to please a man. Make him feel like he’s all you want and make him reach and feel so high if he did consider leaving hell have to search hard for someone who does what u  do but better, and trust if u don’t hold back it’ll be hard to find another.

Mentally  and spiritually: When you’re with a man do you sit down and take the time to ask him what he likes and dislikes? Or do you just assume? Stimulating the male mind helps him see pass just sex but more of your beauty. When you can relate to a man rather it be for business, spiritually or pleasure it helps build a friendship first, and when you have a friendship its makes it more easy to open up and be one with the other person. Listen and take heed to what he likes and dislikes and desires. Show him you’re not just trying to be another one hit let him know you want it for the long run.

Physically :  Ladies when we first meet a guy we go beyond trying to impress him. We wear our nicest clothes, talk sweet, get our hair and nails done consistently etc. But as time goes on some woman loose that touch and get to comfortable. Ladies NEVER get too comfortable because a man is not promised to you. In a relationship rather serious or not stay fit, maintain your hygiene get involved and include him in it as well. Most men don’t do Pedicure and Manicure but at least ask he may say yes if not I’m sure he’ll be appreciative. Be involved and don’t be afraid of new things. Go shopping for lingerie and surprise him with dinner, or make a date to the sex store and tell him to pick out some toys or DVDs  a man loves to feel wanted so make him feel that way.

Sexually : Ladies when pleasing a man be as passionate and creative just like you want him to be with you. Sex is not suppose to feel like oh again but more of damn where this come from. Open and be free with him. Please one another until you both reach your highest climax. When being intimate with your man begin with a back rub or rubbing on his nipples while nibbling on his ear that can be tasteful. Make sure you moan and act out; yes it may be weird at first but trust you’ll start to feel the results as the intimacy goes on. You heard the saying I want a lady in the streets and freak in the sheets? Well that’s exactly what they want a freak.  A man wants you to be there porno star for that night. You should be giving your partner a “blow job”, “head” whatever you want to call it if you’re serious you should be doing it. And while doing it make sure you keep it nice and wet. Spit on it use your hands don’t be lazy and bob your head back and forth make his eyes roll. Here are 9 pleasure triggers that may help you ladies get your man off.
  1. Bite on his lower lip softly
  2. Caress the fron of his neck with your tongue
  3. Nipples use fingers or tip of tongue
  4. Dip under his ankle
  5. His perineum
  6. His shaft
  7. Strike the head of his penis
  8. Seam of his testicles. Massage them
  9. Frenulum  also known as the f-spot.

Use these wisely and best of all strap up. Condoms are the best way to prevent pregnancy, STD’s, hiv\aids and any others even giving head, they do offer flavor condoms.

I am not a man so if reading this please feel free to post any tips, advice etc. I can never learn too much about a man.

November xoxoxox


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