Why look in my eyes and tell me lies, when really I know the truth/ pretending to be the perfect guy when finally i found proof/ All this time we played with eachothers mind when i thought we both agreed/ we are going to be one anothers bestfriend Bonnie an Clyde is you and Me/ Its hard to believe that it still goes on, its like youre living a double life/ I see one thing you tell me another, what am I supposed to believe? or should i suppose its all just lies/ you have to Earn trust especially when somethings in the past went wrong/ not saying i dont trust you but all the pieces are not in the puzzle/

As the games are getting old, and its gets harder to stay. I love you alot but i dont come last, i like being in first place.



  1. it hard to lie to someone you care about. well it is for me, when i dod that i have to look myself in the mirror and the guilt eats me up. so i dont see how that happens cause i wouldnt want that to do to me

  2. this is by far the best blog you ever did! i myself didnt know where ex comes from but i could have easly looked it up. im glad that you took your personal story to educated people. glad im keep coming back to this blog. its worth reading


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