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Is Ecstasy As good for you As it makes you feel????

I know some of you are wondering why the hell I am writing about the freaking drug Ecstasy also known as E, X or the love drug. Well the answer is I've come across a lot of people lately who use this drug but have no history at all of it only that makes them feel good' stay up or boost there confidence. Ha isn't that funny

Well there was once a time in my life where I  used Xtasy. I have actually done it more than a year of my life and I must say I have had some Great times off of it. I am not bragging or saying its good but I abused it without knowing the history of it. At first i thought it was just a pill that relaxed you and made you all gitty and happy with no long term effects..ehh wasn't i wrong. The last experience i had was freakn awful it made me shake, get a major headache, sick and made me lose a lot of weight. It wasn't a great time for me and that's when i knew something wasn't right about it.

Coming from a family that did drugs i didn't w…

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