Is Ecstasy As good for you As it makes you feel????

I know some of you are wondering why the hell I am writing about the freaking drug Ecstasy also known as E, X or the love drug. Well the answer is I've come across a lot of people lately who use this drug but have no history at all of it only that makes them feel good' stay up or boost there confidence. Ha isn't that funny

Well there was once a time in my life where I  used Xtasy. I have actually done it more than a year of my life and I must say I have had some Great times off of it. I am not bragging or saying its good but I abused it without knowing the history of it. At first i thought it was just a pill that relaxed you and made you all gitty and happy with no long term effects..ehh wasn't i wrong. The last experience i had was freakn awful it made me shake, get a major headache, sick and made me lose a lot of weight. It wasn't a great time for me and that's when i knew something wasn't right about it.

Coming from a family that did drugs i didn't want to fall in that category of filling my body with awful toxins that made me feel good for the moment. and that's what it does. Make you feel good for the moment.

Let me break down what Ecstasy is and maybe next time you'll consider NOT USING IT next time you come in contact with it like i did.

Now Ecstasy is also called MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) now that word along scares the shit out of me. But let me go on. Is was originally found in 1912 by a German pharmaceutical company Merk. It was not known at the time the severity of it until the late 70's when it first appeared in yuppie bars and gays clubs. than later moved to raves and the streets.
MDMA effects the brain severely. When taken repeatedly it releases high serotonin which is a chemical in the brain that regulates your mood, energy and appetite. 

Ecstasy comes in 3 forms:
Pures: Powder and sometimes needs to be cut down to be effective

Rolls: which are cut with anything from Coke to Speed

Splits: which is cut with heroin or other downers that can be deathly because your body temperature can overheat during dancing or other major active activities.

Have I upped you on your game yet?? if not let me tell you what else consists in X..

Speed(meth), ketamine(alters sensory perception), PMA (very toxic), Caffeine, bicarbonate of soda and Glucose. Now all these are very crucial to your body especially  in the long run it can damage your brain, liver, kidneys and can cause you to have seizures, hypertension. diabetes and more.

Pills come in all sorts of colors, sizes and shapes and can effect people differently. What one pill does for another may not be good for you. It causes blurred vision, greeting your teeth, laughter, lots of energy, a boost in confidence and more So please when doing this drug be very responsible cause you never know what the next stage of your ROLL is.

Is this enough to stop yet??I hope so. Also don't get me wrong I am not judging anyone that is not my place because everyone is not perfect but I am making it aware how certain things you put in your body can damage you without knowing. Yes X is fun and you have a blast off it  but is it really worth it if one day you get a bad pill and die?? or better yet get addicted to another drug and dont know how to wing yourself away??

I am only sharing my story and I hope I effect just one person. Live your life and BE YOU. You dont have to take drugs to be someone for everyone else its totally not worth it. My life has changed and Im still feeling the effects of X and hopefully whoever is reading you can share the info with others.



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