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I letter to my Unborn Child!!

for some of you who may not known i was 2 months prego. I didnt announce it to all but those who knew are close to me knew. but unfortunately it wasnt my time and God had a different path for me right now. I can only be grateful I expirenced this opportunity but sad it didnt last, Im just sharing how I feel because its my blog, my feelings, my emotions and i dont care who judges, everyone goes through one thing or another and this STRENTHENED me and God gave me a second chane to be prepared for a child inthe future. So this is a Little letter to my unborn child from his/her mother

I heard your heart beat for the first time and it took my breath away. looking over at the ultrasound seeing u grow in me made my heart smile;
and than God detoured and took you away for me, he sometimes does things for a reason that could be unseen.
I questioned his actions but than thank him for the chance for hearing a simple sound of life and giving me a second chance.
I was in so much pain when i felt …

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