I letter to my Unborn Child!!

for some of you who may not known i was 2 months prego. I didnt announce it to all but those who knew are close to me knew. but unfortunately it wasnt my time and God had a different path for me right now. I can only be grateful I expirenced this opportunity but sad it didnt last, Im just sharing how I feel because its my blog, my feelings, my emotions and i dont care who judges, everyone goes through one thing or another and this STRENTHENED me and God gave me a second chane to be prepared for a child inthe future. So this is a Little letter to my unborn child from his/her mother

I heard your heart beat for the first time and it took my breath away. looking over at the ultrasound seeing u grow in me made my heart smile;
and than God detoured and took you away for me, he sometimes does things for a reason that could be unseen.
I questioned his actions but than thank him for the chance for hearing a simple sound of life and giving me a second chance.
I was in so much pain when i felt you letting go, tears flowed heavily down my face and i had no place to go.
     there was some that tried to feel my pain, but taking away someone motherhood sometimes puts our eotions to shame.

I just wanted to tell my unborn child that I loved you from the beginning, we were preparing a home for you with love and care and didnt want you to come in no worries.

eventho you are gone I know you had a soul, so may it go to heaven in peace and protect me from harm. i will always keep that picture in my head and framed,
that you were my first unborn child that love child that god called to start your job early.

Ill see you soon I know i will when my time comes i will be prepared. but thank you for popping up and showing that i am able to conceive because being a woman you always have doubts and you came and confirmed me.

I love you forever my unborn child
Sept 21, 2011


Anonymous said…
With All My Love From Daddy, With A Lowercase "d"

I never will forget the day I found out you were coming. I was excited that my love had grown inside of someone that mean't so much to me. Someone who I loved and who loved me, you see we had a spiritual connection like we had encountered in another place far off in that space we call time. I could hear the footsteps of our ancestry in your heartbeat, questions in my head like would you have my indian feet or your mother's irish green eyes, where you will go to college because both she and I come from broken family trees that blow in the wind like asymmetrical paper planes that won't ever take full flight ...I was thinking like maybe you are the beginning to the ending of our generational curse that lurks in shadows of deeper most inner thoughts and through you we would be the forefather and foremother of a new covenant, manifested in the flesh representative of Our mortal love..Now she is resenting me, because we lost you and you lost us and I can never forgive myself and we never forgave each other because the promise of having you in our life meant the world to us in a world we mean nothing to..We are only a grain in the Saharan sands of time , Oh! how I envy that your immortality was achieved in conception not tainted by the variables and circumstances of living without knowing only to find faith when you are waist deep in reality. Birth is not a right when all the wrong we do as mankind awaits judgement at the Pearly Gates. Eternity is hard to fathom, because we are blinded too much by Iphone's and material dreams of driving Phantoms. I am thankful for the happiness that the anticipation of your birth brought to me and the woman with whom I share your memory, God can never be wrong because he called you home like the street lights in Heaven were on and you were late for supper. I know He is a better Father than I ever could be, for He is Father of all creation including me your daddy with a lowercase "d".
I'm not sure who this is but thanks for commenting on one of my most important blogsit is very deep I like

Nove xo
Carolinaware said…
(Hugs his kids tighter) That special time you DO GET BLESSED with a child though. @ the glory. Stay strong young lady. Your time will come. Good read. Way to put your pen to the pad and let the words speak for you.
christopher said…
sorry for you it gets better
I know its get better it was just hard at the moment. Things happen n life and I'm learning to never question Gods will cuz everything is written awready ..thanks for commenting tho

Nove xoxo

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