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Thank you video and crazy video n Miami


Lucky Three Contest

Im so excited to be dong my 1st Contest. I call this contest the "Lucky Three", which means theres going to be 3 lucky people to win a Autographed Exclusive photo from me. Its guaranteed to be hot and sexy and of course if you are a fan, friend of mine you know how I do.Not to toot my own horn but um..

Now the contest goes like this......... 
The first 3 people to message me the answers to my questions will win the Autographed Exclusive pictures. I will personally send the picture via mail at no charge to you. Are you excited cause I know I am.:-) 

So here are the questions
1. What is my Middle name?
2. What is the magazine called that featured me as the Cover Model?
3. What was the last published Magazine I was featured in?
YOU MUST put your answers here or my email @ Subject: Lucky 3
Now these are simple questions right? I think there easy. So good luck to those you participate and gives it a shot I appreciate you and hope this is fun.
Love  Nove

P.S Here is…

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