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Life too SHORT

Life is to short to regret the past, when the now has so much already stored.
We fail to appreciate the small things because were blinded by material wealth. Everything we ever need is right in front of our eyes we just seem to past it up and fail to realize that sometine the simpliest things is what makes our lives.

Chasing money, cars, drugs and fame just to get recognition or name when our name dosent exist when were gone, but yet the works we left in others remain and will depict if we lived our life for ourselves or did the duty called upon our father get fulfilled.
                                 LIFE TOO SHORT

life to short to not appreciate the one's we loved most, we put them on the back burner just to achieve growth but what is growth when you leave your family behind  at the end they will be the only ones speaking about your life.

Not unless you seek reality tv which isnt reality but yet tricks your mind into a false mental state of the lies this world tries to hide.

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