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Untitled Poem


The Moon and the stars showed me the unlimited possibilities, staring off into the dark sky is a remembrance of what life offered me that night, peace and a clear mind 20/20 vision to see all the things I hoped and dreamed.

Sitting quietly thinking what can come next when everything at this second felt so riht. Everything that was not of positive energy was out of sight.
Standing at the edge of this hill, i felt a feeling over me that I have been looking and longing for,
It was where I needed to be so I can capture the essence of you and me.
We are so far away but yet it feels like you're sharing this night with me as every breath I took was a release of everything that was not of me.

No one can describe what I seen and felt I now know I can conquer anything ahead of me

The air blew so softly and I captured the smell of the breeze; GOD is amazing he shared apart of him to me

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Ko Kings Ring Model

Hey Guys 
Thanks for stopping by. Just sharing some great News I have been chosen to be a Ring Model for the KO Kings that will be here in ATl. I am so excited and as you know working hard to get that nice shape for this big event. I havent done an event this big before especially showing off my body to thousands of people who's into MMA and Boxing. So You all know Im doing the happy dance

Here is the Promotional Video that show cases all the ladies that will be in attendance

So please Purchase your tickets and come out and enjoy a good time and see beautiful woman walk around the stage and fight *smile..

KO KINGS MMA & PRO BOXING Sat. March 17 at The Grand Ballroom. Buy Tickets Now at KoKings.Net Featuring Boxers: Mike Seals, Brian Howard, & Chris Howard and MMA fighter, Tex Johnson, and Female Boxers: Nicole Woods & Belinda Laracuente plus many more and of course the 15 Beautiful KO KING Ring Models!!!!…


As you know slavery has occurred for over a decade and there are many leaders who have fought for us to some most of the right we have now. I'm only touching basis on this because i came across a article recently in Ga that had me just plain out upset and confused about something in the school system.

The article was about some 3rd grade school teachers who sent home some math questions for the children to answer and these are some of the questions:
"Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick them equally, than how much would each slave pick?"
Another questioned asked, "If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week? Two weeks? And the last question is, "How many baskets of cotton Frederick filled?
Does this bother you? Despite the fact these teachers said is was written to reinforce the history lesson they have recently went over As a school teacher I am totally against it. Not only does slavery still exist today what objecti…

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