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The Pretty Girl who Felt Pain

The pretty girl who felt pain

Long pretty hair, dark hazel eyes and the bone structure of the goddesses that were back in time.

Nice and tall with curves to match every guy thought she would be the perfect match.
She would strut her long legs as she walked down the street, holding her head high with a beautiful glowing smile, you can compare her beauty to a rare gem with the highest bid.

Her confidence was impeccable, she had smarts that can get her a long way. BUT there was something she felt that no one would ever see she hid it so well at the wee hours of the night after rubbing her makeup off she would just cry, cry for hours in the mirror. No words were spoken no one around to listen although if they was she would quickly put on her pretty face.

But the pain she held will still hide in the deepest darkest place in her.
 Year after year her pain only got worst. She soaked in her depression she laid in her misery and led everyone to a lie at the watering hole.
She drained herself trying to please everyone else when s…

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