Cyber: The Lustful Experience

Cyber: The Lustful Experience

                Its 6:35 a.m., which meant it was time to play! As I’m in the shower getting refreshed making sure each inch of me was clean, I had to hurry as I had a Skype chat that was waiting for me. Papi is what I call him, and he was very prompt when it came to me and his time. Throwing my towel on drying from head to foot I can hear the ring of the call on my computer. Grabbing my lingerie I head over to answer the call but quickly removing myself as I was not ready.
                Lovely, you there? (His dark tone echoed through the microphone tapping his energy down my spine).
                                Ye, give me two seconds, I not quite ready!
This is the point where I leave him guessing, curious to know what I have for him on the other end. Every time was very different and he’s very difficult to excite, but I guess that why he likes me
I head over to the camera, throwing my leg up so he can only see me pull my thigh high up these long yellow thick legs. I than show face and begin licking my lips slowly, something he loves.  Turning around so he can see this piece attach to my body as if it was painted, I bend over from the back of caress and place the sexiest most aggressive tap on my ass enough to turn it red.

                SO lovely, this is how were starting?
                Shah! Just follow my lead, I’m controlling this time.
I have my black laced bra that fit my boobs and lifted them as well so even though he was on a computer they look like there right there in his face.  I play with the Ukiah massaging it nice and slow , lick my fingers make the sexiest noise all while watching his fantasy come true.
Now me and Papi met have done cyber several times, for some reason He excites me and vice versa. It’s been years that wave known each other never wanted not more but I did enjoy the fact he loved seeing me and only me. And I enjoy giving a man his every fantasy. We met before in another lifetime because mentally we want the same thing. He would open my mind to exciting things which aroused me, all he wanted was a nipple suck here, or to squeeze my boobs together pretending he nice hard cock was in-between creating an illusion through cyber. And we did, I was shocked I was into it but its more than I can get from anyone else, Papi is honest.
                After the last couple cyber meet ups we had a mutual agreement we were going to get together. I live in the Big Apple he is in Dallas, not far but close enough. Papi came up with this idea to come to Dallas, and since I was looking to move there this was my opportunity to handle business and also pleasure.
                That evening he call me via phone:
                                Hello lovely, how are you?
                                                Hey Papi I’m doing swell, what’s going on?
                                                Are you ready?
                                                For what? I replied honestly clues less of what he was saying
                                                To meet me lovely, what you think?
                                                Well, we haven’t discussed anything so I really can’t say I’m ready. Do you have any ideas when? (I ask to see what he says)
                                                This weekend lovely. So you better get ready quick, your flight leaves tomorrow morning.
                                                (In a panic) Hold up, what do you mean? Don’t play with me Papi that’s not funny. I didn’t even get look in to houses and jobs.
                                                Well lovely, sorry to tell you I’m emailing you all the information, if you want to experience an awesome time with me and finally meet me you will come if not I understand.
(Phone hangs up)
Now this totally blew me off, and I am so unprepared. All I keep saying to myself is this is a joke, but yet I sat and refreshed my email seeing if I was going to receive a flight booked email. My nerves are so bad right now and can hardly think right. (New message) Oh my God this is him!
As I open the email I see an itinerary booked to Le Meridian, Dallas with my name in it. Oh shit he really did book a ticket what in the world is this man thinking I began to chat to myself.
(Phones buzzes it’s him)
Lovely don’t be nervous I’m no creep and just want to meet the woman behind the screen.
(Text back)
I’m not nervous, but you should be! (Giggle)

                What the hell was I thinking telling him that!

May 2014
Dallas 9:30 a.m.
                This is the day, the day we finally meet. The day I finally meet the man I’ve been so mentally involved with over the web. The whole flight all I can think about was being cat fished but after three shots of Tequila, it can only be really him. I hope I’m not overdressed or should I say under dressed. I know he likes my breast most of all so of course there out and this 38f is walking in confidence. My true religion fit like a glove all the way down to my 6inch heels.
                He set me up at this hotel in a Dallas plushed suite fit for a queen of course, fruit laid out, and soft music playing with a nice bubble bath sprinkled with roses.
As he walked in the room, damn nere scaring me to death his sexy deep tone also made the blonde hairs stand up against my back.
                Hey Queen, my lovely, how was your flight? (He stood 6’0, nice build as his shirt was fitted and his skin so perfect)
                It was great Papi, thank you for the lovely seating arrangements. (I fly first class nothing less)
We stared at each other actually shocked we were face to face. He was more gorgeous in real life than I thought and I mean I’m sure he thought the same.
(I reach for his hands and start smiling)
Papi, I been waiting for the day.
Me to lovely, it feels so good to see you the for the first time thanks for coming to get away for a day with me.
No problem, this may be my new home so let’s see how this evolves.

(He grabs my hips)
So this is what over the video, oh I pictured this and so much more. All in which you live up to of course. You are so gorgeous lovely, this is just what I pictured.

So true Papi, just looking and feeling your hands wrapped around me turns me on so much. It’s been over four years since our first chat.
Four years to long, he replies.
I pictured you with me every day he say with a grin.

It was definitely getting hot in the room as the kisses slowly began to cover one another are hands caressing every inch of each others body and our bodies intertwined. My body was craving more and more, he was like a drug I wanted him because I knew what we were both capable of via web.
I began to feel his body contracting against my ass so I roll over on the couch and flip him on top of me so he can see his biggest desire.
He eyes rolled behind his head as I straddled on him, the sounds began to get louder and louder. I decided to take it to the next step.
I slowly moved my head down to his nipples (since that’s what I noticed turned him on)
It’s like every stroke was getting me closer and closer to exploding but it felt so good I dint want it to end.
He begins whispering in my ear holding a firm grip on my breast and says “This is the best gift you can give to me.”
Watching him bite my nipples and pull them away as it created pain but yet my juices began to flow even more, I wanted more.

                Let’s go to the bed, and get of this couch Papi
                Yes queen whatever I want I’m going to do.
                Whatever? Be careful with those words.
                Whatever, he replied.
                So with that being said, Can you pour candle wax all over me? I love the way it feels against my skin, plus it’s a little messy!
                Aye, I didn’t know you liked that
                Well I don’t kiss and tell either.

                I slowly walk into the bedroom while looking back making sure he was showing the look I needed his face to have.
                                Baby, this candle is getting hot. Are you sure you can handle the heat?
                                Ha-ha (As I give him a cocky laugh)
As I dive in the bed and move into the position ass up all I can feel is the hot wax candle hitting the top of my ass. My body jumped but at the same time it began to go into an over emotional orgasm. His lips began to take away the pain from the candle and his small kisses down my spine was heaven. At this point we was very aroused we haven’t even had dinner or a drink but I was full of him. Hours and minutes went by and we finally let our bodies come down from this amazing high. We both stared at each other as if it was meant. But in the back of my mind he and I were in the back of our heads thinking this is just a one night cyber link. But still wrapped in each other arms dozed off into a dream we created.
As I awake the next morning alone my nerves and anxiety kicked in. Panicky looking around I notice a small note on the bathroom sink. As I began to walk towards the bathroom I’m really thinking what the hell is going on. THE NOTE READS:
                                TO MY LOVELY QUEEN,
                                                I HAVE SOMETHING NICE PLANNED FOR YOU, FOLLOW THE ROSES AND YOU'LL FIND ME THERE

In a confused state of mind I quickly get excited. I look down on the floor and notice red and white flowers all leading to something.
Okay, he wants things to be a surprise, let me go ahead and freshen up. After a long shower, hair and makeup I realize the times and figured I better hurry as I didn’t know what was going on. I quickly throw on a sundress that only required a bra, two can play this game. I grab my bag head for the door, down the elevator to the dining room where I find Papi sitting waiting with Mimosas and breakfast.
                                Hello Queen, took you long enough I thought you got lost or something.
                                Yeah yeah I’m here. Nice set up by the way. (I am such an ass)
                                Thanks I try (as he giggles, rubbing his hands together)
                                So what’s going on? You know this is our last night before I leave. What’s going on? (Trying to get the buzz of the day)
                                I don’t kiss and tell, that’s the slogan right?
                                Lol, right I suppose.
                                Don’t worry queen I got this just sit back and relax enjoy breakfast and let’s create new memories.
                                (Chuckles) I mean I guess I have no choice.

The day was very eventful alright we went to the spa where we both gave each other massages which was great feeling a man hands caress and loosen these muscles. It was followed by a great romantic dinner which he chose the attire which was a nice fitted yellow and gold dress that hugged my hips so tight felt like I had two waist trainers on. But he loved it and it went great against his black tuxedo. After dinner we began to drive back to the hotel before Papi pulls over.

                                Umm, (nervous as hell) is everything okay with the car? With you?
                                Yes queen. I just would like to talk if that’s ok with you?
                                Sure, what’s up?
                                (As he puts his car in park he grabs my hand.)
                                I really appreciate you coming out here. It means a lot and just want to express how I feel.
After drinks and food I surely wasn’t ready to have a deep emotional conversation, I’m liable to one blow up or two go to sleep.
                                So Papi, how do you feel? What’s on your mind?
                                Well lovely, you know you being here has brought out a lot of emotions I wasn’t aware of. Like feeling you for real. I mean yes our cyber connection is amazing but (pauses)
                                Um, Papi (jumping into defense mode) I’m enjoying my self-trust me but I’m not sure if I’m ready for a relationship. I thought we were just “having fun.”
                                We are, I’m just saying how I feel.
                                Well that’s nice to know. But I like what we have, I would like to keep it that way.
(He slides my hand over his groan)
                                Alright bet. Well keep it this way.
We got out he car, headed to the hotel and enjoyed the rest of the night times 10. Our night was filled with bliss and a sexual erosion took over our bodies. We have become one, over the cyber that brought us together.

Written By: Bella November
February 19, 2015


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