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Counseling 101 Part One

Its been a long day as I threw my bags on the floor after hearing people bitch and complain about there life that they brought upon themselves. I knew working as a adult counselor was going to be difficult but I had no clue people would sit and pay thousands of dollars for the simplest advice or someone to just rant to.

So most of these peoples problems was very simple like " I can't stop looking at boobs when I am out? Am I a perv?" or "I think  my boyfriend cheating on me should I leave?" Its like really people I got in this field to help people with real life drama not this, but hey it was a check.
Lets rewind 4 hours earlier. Today was a rather weird day but pleasant as well. As I was headed out the office to run myself a nice hot bath followed by wine and jazz ending  with my  feet propped up as I released the day, my Supervisor Jenn Maxer stopped me in a hurry before the elevator doors can even close.
"Lisa, Lisa I really need your help". (as s…

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