Counseling 101 Part One

Its been a long day as I threw my bags on the floor after hearing people bitch and complain about there life that they brought upon themselves. I knew working as a adult counselor was going to be difficult but I had no clue people would sit and pay thousands of dollars for the simplest advice or someone to just rant to.

So most of these peoples problems was very simple like " I can't stop looking at boobs when I am out? Am I a perv?" or "I think  my boyfriend cheating on me should I leave?" Its like really people I got in this field to help people with real life drama not this, but hey it was a check.

Lets rewind 4 hours earlier.
Today was a rather weird day but pleasant as well. As I was headed out the office to run myself a nice hot bath followed by wine and jazz ending  with my  feet propped up as I released the day, my Supervisor Jenn Maxer stopped me in a hurry before the elevator doors can even close.

"Lisa, Lisa I really need your help". (as she immediately stood in the middle of the elevator doors)
"Jenn I am headed out, and I'm super tired lets just talk tomorrow".

(As she grabs my arm I knew then it was something serious.)
"Lisa, ( as her voice grew stronger) Please I need your help its a family emergency and I have to leave right now but I have a client coming up an huge client we cannot turn away.

Now Lisa was the type of woman who actually love every aspect of her job and I cant lie her clientele list would prove it. She hated missing out on money, wasting time and people slacking she was definitely all business. But I tell you the woman needed to loosen up. I cant remember the last time she spent any time with her husband and kids let a long go out a night and let her hair down. If you ask me I would think she needed counseling as well.

Lisa, who is this person. I have no idea who he or she is. How am I suppose to help them if I don't know the basic info?
"Don't worry, Lisa says. I have everything ready on my desk follow me to my office."
I didn't even have time to say yes or no but she is my Supervisor so I followed right behind her.

Okay, here's his folder. His name is Rodney Clark, 32 years old lawyer and has issues with flirting. So really all he does is come to talk about all the woman he pushes up on just to get a rise out of them and than drops them like a dime. He usually talks for about an hour so it shouldn't be too long, You think you could handle it Jen?

Don't worry Lisa, I got it. Just go handle whatever is going on with your family I hope everything is well. Will you be in tomorrow?

My mother is in the hospital she had a stroke so not sure. I really do appreciate it Jen, but  Ill let you know later tonight if ill be in the office you may need to open. . Good luck with Rodney she puts a slight grin as she walks away.

Good Luck? What did she mean by that?
As I shuffled through his file this dude Rodney has more problems than she said. Hes been married and divorced 3 times, 2 kids but yet very successful but had  an sex problem.

Before getting deeply into his file a strong knock was on the other side of the door.

Come on in Mr. Clark. As I stood up to show a proper introduction.
As he opened the door a tall, milk chocolate with a build you can obviously see through his suit and bag came walking in.

Um Hello, Is Lisa here?
Hello Mr Clark, My name is Jen. (as I extended my hand to his.)
Lisa had a family emergency and had to leave, she asked if I can cover you today. Is that okay with you Mr.Clark?

Please call me Rodney you're making me feel old. (giggles)
Of course Rodney, you can have a seat so we can go  ahead and begin.

(As they both sit down they both couldn't take there eyes off each other. All Jen can think about is why is this man single and why is it hard for him to keep a woman beside being sexual. And hell who would push this man away he is very attractive. As I felt my pussy getting tighter I quickly snapped out of it.)

So Rodney what brings you in today?
Well I see you have my file in front of you so I guess you're aware about my background?

Yes, I briefly read over it. But lets talk about what brings in you here today.

Well Jen you are very attractive let me just get that off. I'm surprised I never seen you around here before.

(giggles) Well Rodney, if you're always scheduling appointments this late this would be the reason. I'm usually out of the office around 6. But lets get back on track what's on your mind?

Well Jen I'm horny as hell straight up. Me and Lisa had a deal that I will try no sex for two months and here it is 4 weeks and I'm losing it. I can't even go out without imagining having some form of intimacy. No kissing, holding hands, cuddling nothing. I thought I can do it but I need some affection. 

Okay, so why cant you have any form of affection? Did Lisa explain why?

Yea, she said since I have a problem with saying no if I wanted to change my ways I would have to appreciate a woman's conversation rather than her touch. I thought it was crazy but I agreed.

So Rodney can I ask, do these women throw themselves at you? Or are you the one initiating

To be honest I don't know if its my looks, occupation or car I drive that attracts these woman to me.I usually try to have a few dates before thinking about sex but these woman boy are they aggressive.  I pick them up, we go out to a romantic dinner and dance and so on than when I drop them off they ask me in and then its a wrap. And what man in his right mind is turning down a gorgeous woman Jen?

Not many I suppose. Depends on the man self control but not to many have that.

As Rodney begins to go on and on all i can think about how much of a charmer is was. He seemed like a good guy that really did want to change but the women he was taking out were stanks and wanted nothing more than his cash.

Rodney, where are you meeting these woman?

Well Jen mostly clubs, bars or off the street.

Rodney have you tried a different approach like a grocery store, library or even other ladies in your field?

Oh no, I rarely go to those places myself to be honest Jen so that's probably my problem, I guess after long hours and continuous cases at the office, going out having a drink and relaxing out to the music is all I seek.

Rodney I don't mean to bud in your business, but what happen in your previous marriages? Were they all because your habit of having to meet other ladies, sexual?

Oh no! Not at all Jen I guess you didn't get that far into my file. My first two marriages I found out my wives were cheating on me with their exes and my last wife um how should I put this "enjoyed peaches instead of berries."
(both giggle)

I see, so have you ever thought those were the reasons why you have this sexually commitment issue? 

Yea, ( as he takes a deep breath) maybe I haven't gotten over it, I also am not looking for a relationship either.

So what is is you're looking for?  Why stop the problem if you re not ready to settle down with one person?

Well to be honest I don't know Jen, I guess you can boil it down to being scared. Man did I just say that? Not really scared more so, I don't want to hurt woman. And that's my problem. I seem to has this instant connection that makes these woman bow to anything,

So are you diagnosing your problems or am I?

No, do you think somehow I enjoy the rush, or thought of revenge.

Its okay for a man to be scared to love again especially if the reason of your past failed relationships were the  reasons you commented on earlier. You just have to take it slow.

(As the conversation grew so did the night and this man was talking for more than an hour. I felt he needed this vent and I wanted to be there for him, but it was time to get home, as I had an long drive backuoed with a early morning.)

Excuse me Rodney,  I don't mean to interrupt but I have to end this session.

Its becoming extremely late and I cant be alone with you in the office without someone else around, and clearly since we closed 2 hours ago, I think we ought to wrap it up.
But I have documented everything and will update Lisa on everything as soon as. Is that okay?

Oh yes definitely, as he begins to grab his bags. I definitely don't want to be the reason you get in trouble or none the less have to explain to your husband why you're so late.

Excuse me, husband? what makes you think I'm married?

Well Jen I figured you're an beautiful woman whose quite good at her job, I perhaps i just made a assumption. Sorry if I offended you. (As he stands and begins towards the door) Hope to see you around. Thank you.

As Jen watched him  walk out the door, she sat in her chair grabbing her stomache. Something was wrong, she didn't know what? All she new the session went great but Rodney's energy and aggressiveness was a spiritual alert.


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