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Office Trois Part: 1

Karen was heading over to Mike’s house. She  had moved in with her boss and his wife Kelly, although they all managed to keep their  arrangement under the covers from everyone at the office. As she was riding down the highway in her brand new convertible she let the top down so that she can enjoy the nice breeze that flowed through her dark brown hair. She had the music on high, and was singing at the top of her lungs to  the latest Rhi Rhi, while the passengers in the cars besides her mocked and laughed at her. But it didn't bother her, as she was on cloud nine and in a mood she her own self couldn't resist.
After a long day of shopping all she can continue to think about was the great relationship her, Mike and Kelly had, and was excited that they all revealed they had a mutual interest in one another. It has already been a few months, and she has never been this happy yet in her life.
Since day one, all three of their personalities just clicked, and the hot smoking sex was jus…

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