Office Trois Part: 1

Photo Credit: Plarts

Karen was heading over to Mike’s house. She  had moved in with her boss and his wife Kelly, although they all managed to keep their  arrangement under the covers from everyone at the office.
As she was riding down the highway in her brand new convertible she let the top down so that she can enjoy the nice breeze that flowed through her dark brown hair. She had the music on high, and was singing at the top of her lungs to  the latest Rhi Rhi, while the passengers in the cars besides her mocked and laughed at her. But it didn't bother her, as she was on cloud nine and in a mood she her own self couldn't resist.

After a long day of shopping all she can continue to think about was the great relationship her, Mike and Kelly had, and was excited that they all revealed they had a mutual interest in one another. It has already been a few months, and she has never been this happy yet in her life.

Since day one, all three of their personalities just clicked, and the hot smoking sex was just the icing on the cake. Karen didn't know where they would all wind up (since her first threesome ended fairly horrible with jealousy) but she enjoyed every minute of the good times. So to her tomorrow was far away and there was too much to enjoy in life today.

As she was headed on the last stretch, to pulled unto Mike’s street, then frowned as she was pulling up things seemed to be a bit off. Usually there's fours cars in the driveway. Mikes two Corvettes, Kelly Porche and of course my convertible, but their was a Benz i had never seen before.

They didn't say they were expecting any guest, or car sitting for anyone, she thought maybe they invited someone to dinner. The grin grew on her face as she was still on this high from their intimacy.

After parking her convertible, Karen grabbed her shopping bags--some new sexy lingerie, a few toys and of course some very alluring new work outfits. Closing the door, she walked up to the front door of the house humming the tune “I just want my pussy wet.”

As she walked up the driveway she realized the door was ajar. She looked around making sure no one was outdoors, and her face frowned. It wasn't like them to leave their door opened, so she immediately felt fear running through her body. The sun had already set so darkness began approaching quicker and quicker, as she pondered if she should go inside.

After building up enough courage she gingerly pushed the door open, steps inside and begins to look around. Heading for the lights she flipped it on. Nothing happened.

Mark? Kelly? Hey guys, I'm home…” There was no answer.

As she set down her bags and moved towards the dining room which was as big as the living room in her old her apartment, and contained a beautiful mahogany table. She reached for the light switch, flicked it. Nothing still. The house began darken as the sun has now set and there was not a single light on for seeing purposes.

“Mike!” She shouted from the bottom of the stairs, as her voice quivered. “Where are you? This isn't funny anymore!”

As she stood their, wandersly looking around trying to have her eyes adjust, the front door boomed shut, and Karen dropped to her knees as she began to go into complete shock. All she can see is the peep of light from the light pole in front, but was flickering, so didn't add too much reassurance to her.

“Don't move.” The voice, very deep and controlling creep ed up behind her. As she stood there frightened, she felt something cold and metal press against her back: A gun, at least that is whats going on through her mind.

“ Mark?” Is that you. Stop playing this isn't funny. As she quivered in fear.

“Shut the fuck up.” As he grabbed her hair and wrapped it around his hand, he pulled her up and pushed her into the kitchen.

“Please don't, she cried.”

“I said shut up, bitch!” As he pulled her hair harder to really cause pain.

“Okay! Please ….as she tried to decipher the voice of her assailant, but only can hear a muffled voice.
He threw her against the table, breast first , hand holding her hair shoved her face down until her face was against the countertops, and her thick hips were pressed against the edge.

As he pushed the gun into my back, or at least what I think it is, the assailant says again “Don't move.”

“Okay.” As she trembled, she also felt a bit of sexual arousal coming.

Now Im going to leave you right here for a second, if you attempt to move, this will be your last breath.

As she froze still bent over, waiting for this man, whoever he was to come back, all she can think about was, “ Where was Mike and Kelly?”, and when ere they coming back?

As her thoughts began to get deeper she heard gently footsteps approaching. She tensed up her body, unaware what was going to happen next.
Bent over she heard metal, but not like the metal before.

“Spread your legs,” he said.
As I slowly began to spread my legs I felt two handcuffs slap on my ankels, and attached to the bottom of the chairs, and then another pair around my wrists to the kitchen cabinets, that was right above me. I knew Mike’s kitchen like the back of my hand, since most of our escapades together started in the kitchen. Mike always like to have me and Kelly for dessert.

“Look,” she said, “Please dont hurt me..”

Those were the last words she got to say, as he placed a gag in her mouth an tied it behind her head. As tears began to feel her eyes, the smell of his cologne got stronger. It was a smell she couldnt recognize, but also a smell that began to turn her on, yet again.

As her assailant reach over her, she her the sharpness of a knife be taking out. Her body tenced, shivered as she felt the tip of the knife trace down her legs. She knew than for sure it was a knife, cutting her blouse, her bra, and pausing momentarily before cutting the waist of her skirt.
As her assailant because caressing his hands up and down her thighs, Karen couldnt help but to began relax, as she knew exactly want he wanted now, although she knew from the beginning what he wanted.

As all her clothes had been completly ripped away besides her heels and garter belt, all that was left was her ass and pussy exposed and ready. She expected the attack to be quick and rough, but it seemed the assailant was enjoying taking his time, like he really admired my body. As moments passed nothing happened. No words, no touching, it felt like he had left the room, but i can still feel his breath near. She didnt know if that was good or bad.

“Did he find me attractive?” Was he unsatified?”  I know im an attractive woman, pretty much can get any man, with standards I mean, i didnt want to toot my own horn. But here I am strapped to the chair, kitchen cabinets, with some jerk staring at my ass and pussy, and Im worried about whether I look good or not!

As she shivered of the touch of something light and soft running down her neck to the point of her clit, back up again, around her big vulumtious breast, she couldnt help but to think, this might not be to bad afterall.

The feather caressed her skin, slowly working its way across the small of her back, her left buttock, then her right. Then he begins to repeat the same cycle.

As this point fear wasn't an option anymore. More than that she was becoming aroused. She felt her big, brown nipples eject, becoming aroused against the kitchen counter, and a sense of warmth start to flow through her body. Her legs that was once shaking and tense, has become loose and desirable.

Smack! The slap on her ass startled her, as she let out a scream through the gag. Smack! He smacked her ass again, asking her "Was she ready?"

She didnt respond, so he placed his hands around her neck lightly, as he smacked her on her ass again.

"I said,"Are you ready?"

As she still didnt give no response, he brought the feather back out. This time he graced her cheeks, shoulders, and continued down, gently stroking the crack of her ass before caressing the pussy. It danced and twirled and tickled her clit, he played for a while around her walls, watching it get more wetter with eavh touch.

Karen was unable to help herself, she moaned with pleasure, and slowly began to toot her ass up, and spread her legs a s far as she can go. As the feather continued to tease her pussy, she began moving her hips around, like she was chasing it, to get that pleasure. As the feather left her pussy, she felt two soft lips slowly began to caress her pussy.

As she jumped, in awe she realized there was two assailants. One caressing her body with a feather and the other caressing her sweet pussy.
She began to writhe on the counter, but there was nothing she could do, but stand there helpless, at the mercy of her captor.

Her pussy began to drip, she wanted to see who it was. The pleasure she was experincing was too much to handle chained up. she wanted to turn around and fuck whoever it was, who was giving her the overelmed sensation.

Suddenly, it stopped. The feathers, the sweet lips on my pussy, the smacks, it just stopped. Here i am standing here, juices dripping down my legs, nipples hard, and my arousal has taken a whole new turn. I was kinky, but this took my sex drive to a new level and i like it.

As she stood there, she felt a new sensation: something rubbing in between her legs and against her pussy. Hard but with a warm soft texture, she immediately knew it was a big hard cock, and she wanted every inch. Unlike the feather, the cock did not tease her. It slid forward and back between her legs, and then suddenly it slipped into her pussy. Slowly, inch by inch, her groans behind the gag began to get bigger and bigger.

As the penetration grew harder, he slid it in and out, she can hear and feel her juices all over the anonymous cock that had been taken advantage of her. As he begin slapping her ass harder and harder she couldn't resist. She used all her strength to push her hips forcing the captors dick deep, deeper than she can imagine, but that's when something else happened. The same sweet lips that she felt on her pussy moments before the cock into my vagina I begin to feel caressing my hard nipples. 
Now this i knew was a woman, you can tell by the softness of her hands and skin.

"Was this a weird couples fantasy?" Who are this people?" She asked, as her climax grew stronger and harder. Without warning, he slid his dick out, and forcely banged it in her pussy, making her pussy cream and explode until it soaked the floor. Every stroke he made i can feel my juices squirt everywhere. 

Her eyes widened behind the mask, as he propped her legs up and she felt a pressure against her anus, and before she knew it his cock, was forcing its way into her ass, and the womans began eating my vagina like it was a piece of candy.

Oh, my, was her only thought as his big dick pushed its way into her ass filling her in a way that she hadnt felt in a long time. Shes never had anal, but thoight to herself " This cock size, is something else.

As she willed her body to relax, the mans dick began moving slowly in and out. Just like in her vagina, it slowly thrust deep, so far she was now squirting out of both ends. His hands gripped her hips, helping give him leverage to thrust himself into her, and the woman sucking her pussy i can hear licking each juice that dropped and sucking it back up. Once all three got the rhythm, she began to match both of them, by shovong her ass toward him in short, sharp movements, and trying to life her leg as much as possible so the woman can tear the shit out of her pussy, which did exactly that.

Ass the mans tempo peaked, his deep thrusting becoming urgent, and her fingers were in my pussy going back and fourth. Its like I was being penetrated with a dick through both holes. She begans screaming throught the gag, loudeer and louder, her he nutted all over her like she did him. 

The muscles of her tight thighs and abdomen trembled, and the muscles of her lower body and anus contracte, and she heard the man cry out. With one last shove of the mans penis, he rammed her ass into the counter until he nutted all in her.

Though she was in a fog, Karen can feel his dick pulsating, and sensed the warm jets of cum shooting inside of her. Karen then had another organsm--mini thrust and small spurts off cum, then he slowly withdrew his penis, as the woman still was sucking the soul out of Karen.

As it departed, Karen wanted more.She was craving it. She wondered what was going to happen next. She heard the man and woman wiping themselves off, then to her surprise felt the man come over and wipe her off to. He zipped his pants and before uncuffing her, whispers in her ear, "You are the chosen one."

As she sees the keys to the handcuff in her peripheral, she knew the fun was over. As he took out the gag, she let out a deep breath. All that was locked in her, and it felt amazing. He preceded to unlocked her,  and as she turned around removing her mask, their stood Mike and Kelly, with smiles as big as the morning sun.

What the hell, Mark and Kelly? You know as first you scared the shit out of me?

They both looked at each other and than looked at me and asked, "Was it worth it?"

Copyright November Randolph 2017
Photo Credit: Plarts


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