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Introduction to the Lotus

Here it is summer 2016, and I am officially a single woman. I don't know rather to celebrate or drown myself with tubs of ice cream in misery because once again I'm at the bottom of the barrel with the crabs I called single women. Probably not the nicest thing to say about my fellow woman, but hey it’s the truth. 
I never thought I would reach the point in my life where I didn't have the family, picket fence, and the dog named Dick. Well let’s be honest, I believe I cared more about the penis of a man, than the actual man himself. Maybe that was half my problem. Hell was I wrong? That's all they seemed to think about anyways. I’ve wasted so many years searching for the perfect man with the perfect dick. But I’ve realized that those two don't go hand in hand. So as of late I found most of my time consisting of reading, drinking wine, and indulging in Porn Hub for a rush of excitement.
Arriving home after a long day at the office, I pop the cork of the Nassau Royale, …

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