Introduction to the Lotus

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Here it is summer 2016, and I am officially a single woman. I don't know rather to celebrate or drown myself with tubs of ice cream in misery because once again I'm at the bottom of the barrel with the crabs I called single women. Probably not the nicest thing to say about my fellow woman, but hey it’s the truth. 

I never thought I would reach the point in my life where I didn't have the family, picket fence, and the dog named Dick. Well let’s be honest, I believe I cared more about the penis of a man, than the actual man himself. Maybe that was half my problem. Hell was I wrong? That's all they seemed to think about anyways. I’ve wasted so many years searching for the perfect man with the perfect dick. But I’ve realized that those two don't go hand in hand. So as of late I found most of my time consisting of reading, drinking wine, and indulging in Porn Hub for a rush of excitement.

Arriving home after a long day at the office, I pop the cork of the Nassau Royale, a bottle I got in the Bahamas a few years ago. I grab my laptop and immediately begin to look up a few Porn sites. I feel like a giddy little kid as my excitement begins to raise when all of a sudden my phone rings.

Ring, Ring, (I send it to voicemail)

Still tuned into the Ebony girl on girl, it begins to ring again.
I’m so captured by the talent of this woman in the video that I don't really want to speak to anyone right now, and then a text comes in.

Who the heck can this be! I grab my phone out of frustration and realize it’s a text from my girl Courtney.

“Hey Boo, I need to talk, it’s very important.”

What could be more important than porn I think to myself?

“Hey Court, I'm home if you want to come by and talk, I’ll be free in a little bit.” I reply.

“I need to come now Tish; I don't know what to do.”

As I set my phone down, not even moments later, Courtney comes barging into my house abruptly.

“Tish girl, you won’t believe!”

She pauses for a moment.

“Tish what are you watching? Is that Porn?"

I try to quickly close my laptop, but the way she’s busted in not only has startled me but caused me to forget exactly what I was watching.

“Oh Court, don't mind me. I'm just finishing up some videos, you know passing time.” I say slightly smirking.

Courtney doesn’t seem too convinced; her facial expressions say it all.

“Just watching videos eh? Of a woman pleasing a woman? You definitely have a lot of time on your hands.”

“Its research for myself, but enough about me what's the emergency Mary J?” I reply quickly trying to redirect the conversation

We both chuckle.

“What has you bursting in my house, calling back to back and shit?”

“Did Jason hit you? Someone pass? Trouble at the job?”

“Ha-ha, very funny, no none of those unfortunately. I wish it was, but I have a situation I got myself into with Jason, and I could definitely use your knowledge in this category.”

“So what did he cheat? What’s up Court? Talk.”

“Tish, please stop thinking the worst, no Jacob didn't cheat.”

“Okay then what?” I say impatiently.

“So remember the night I told you Jacob and I were going to Trapeze?” she starts.

 Trapeze is a swingers club that I also enjoyed very much.

“Yes, I remember. Did you guys have fun? Did you finally give him what he’s wanted and participated?” I say jokingly.

“Well not quite yet, I’m still considered a rainbow looker, I’m not quite comfortable just yet.” she replies.

“But anyways we were sitting by the pool, chatting, looking around at all the beautiful couples and singles, when this gorgeous red bone caught my eye.”

“Tish, she was so gorgeous!” “She had long pretty curly hair, nice slim body and her ass was a major plus. So without thinking I immediately begin grabbing Jason to get his attention on what I was seeing. After giving him a few nudges he finally pays attention to my ass, and I’m like you should head over there to see if she's with someone you know. And before I knew it girl that’s was his ass did. He walked right over and begin conversing with her.” she finished taking a breath.

“And what were you doing while this was going on? I know you were nervous as shit! You've never been with a woman right?” I asked.

“Bitch, I was guzzling down that wine so fast I damn near choked on it.” And “Nooooo!”

“Why were you so nervous?” I chuckled. “You go to the Trap almost every month at least twice, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct.” She said matter of fact.

“Okay girl, so what happened next?”

“So after about 10 minutes with Jacob over there, he comes back and says, “She’s down to play.” “Now I totally didn’t think it was actually going to turn into something, but I got real excited that she was interested until Jacob says, “Well she just wants to play with you though.”

“Damn, talk about a punch in the balls!” I reply.

“Right, exactly how I feel. But Jacob was totally ok with it as long as he’s in the room.”

“Court, not trying to rush you but get to the point. What’s the problem?” I say with slight agitation.

“Tish, the damn problem is what if she wants me to eat her pussy? Do we bump pussies? Should I be the aggressor? I just have no clue how it starts!”

We both start laughing hysterically.

“Well if you want my advice Court, take it slow, talk to her on the phone first and take it from there.”

“Sounds easy for you, you've been with multiple women Tish. I expected different advice than that.” She said looking disappointed.

“Are you calling me a whore!” I exclaimed.

“No! No I’m just saying I thought maybe you could go into detail on how to please a woman, or show me?

The room gets really quiet and we both just stare at one another.

“Show you? Court, are you saying what I think you’re saying? You want me to be your first encounter with a woman? What about Jacob?” I question.

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. What better way to lose my “womaninity” with my best friend.” she says blushing. “I know all your stories and all about your sex life, so heck why not? Please, I’m really nervous, but I want to experience it.”

“And Jacob?” I say.

“Well, honestly, does he really need to know?” she replies lowering her head.

“Yes, I mean, damn Court, isn’t the whole point of you learning to please a woman for him?”

“Umm, sorta.” she pauses. “ Shit you going to help me or what Tish!”

“I guess, but this can’t get back to Jacob. Last thing I need is him thinking I'm over here trying to turn you out.”

We both laugh.

“I doubt I get turned out girl.” She quips. “But how about Saturday…7 o'clock…around dinner time?”

Awaiting my answer Courtney stands and begins heading for the door.

“Sounds great, meet at my place, and one more thing Court?”
I add.

“Yes Tish?” Courtney says turning around.

“Come already dressed in some sexy lingerie.” I demand. “And if you have one of your toys bring that, and if you don't have one go get one.” I finish giving her a little wink.

“Alright, Boss.” she replies swiftly heading out the door.

The Day Has Arrived


Today is a beautiful day and I’ve awoken feeling refreshed! The sun is shining, nice breeze flowing, city popping and I’ve just laid out this sexy new piece I know Tish will love. Its leather, tight, and open right to the pussy, and the garter belt is to die for.

As I sit just thinking about what’s going to take place tonight, I began to feel really anxious but yet so highly aroused that my pussy juices start to soak through my thong.

Tish has been with several women, and they’ve all had great things to say about her in the bed. Even the stories she’s spoken to me about are beyond my imagination, I mean this girl is a FREAK.

(Text comes in from Tish; it is now 6:00 p.m.)

“Hey Court, I’m finishing the last touches for tonight. Are we still on?”

I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me and taken my voice along with it.


“Yes, definitely.  I’m getting everything together now, I should be there shortly.” I recover.

“Alright sexy see you then.” Tish whispers in a low seductive voice.

(7:00 pm, and Tish's doorbell rings. Tish graces across the foyer with 6" pink heels towards the door. Her robe and pink see thru matching panties and bra flow like she is on a beach of paradise. The aroma of scented candles fills the house along with the sweet melodies of Sade. Dinner is in the oven, and Tish has everything laid out as if she is being intimate with someone she is in tune with. She opens the door.)

“Damn…" Tish gushes as she opens the door. “I didn’t think you had a body like that. Okay, I see you. Come on in.”

“Well never underestimate me love, I'm filled with surprises.” I flirt as I walk by.

As the night goes on, dinner is served. We sit across from one another, enjoying laughs, conversation, and food.

“So.” Tish interrupts. “Why don't you come over here and let me check you out. I see all those legs and breasts showing. It’s making me want to lead you to your surprise I have waiting.

We both stand and Tish reaches her hand out to me.

 “Follow me.”

Tish guides me to the room where she has roses laid out all over. There are chocolate covered strawberries and several different vibrators spread across the bed. I guess as backup just in case I didn’t bring any.

“Okay, Tish!” I exclaim.  Is this how you set all your ladies up?

“Naw, just you. Now lie down on the bed face down and just relax. I’m here to show you how to please a woman.” she orders.

I step in the bedroom and lie down just as I’m told, face first. My body relaxes and I begin to feel Tish’s hands stroking me gently against my legs followed with kisses. I feel like I’m falling into a new world, and I can see every star spark as I feel her soft pretty lips against my skin. In this moment I’m feeling an immense high coming over me; I didn’t know it was going to feel this good, hell great. Her perfectly round breasts are rubbing up and down with big thick nipples standing tall. I can picture each curve of her hovering over my body. She is as soft as a flower and the scent of her perfume enlightens every sense. The hair begins to rise on my arms, my toes began to curl on and off, and to my surprise we still have our clothes on.

“More, Tish!” I exclaim in the heat of the moment.

Suddenly I feel the softness of Tish's hands brush up against my vagina with quick engagements to the clitoris.

“You want more of what Court?” Tish teases.

(Tish knows she has to limit herself to save Courtney from really falling head over heels. She bets Courtney is on cloud nine when really this is just the preliminary stage. There is more excitement and more moans.)

Tish rolls me over.  Her legs are on each side of my body. She begins to pull off my lingerie.  Trying to keep a straight face my body buckles when she reveals her chest. The sweet creases that sink into her pink floral bra can barely contain the roundness as she lies down. With both of our bodies intertwined, it turns me on completely. Tish grabs my wrists and throw them above my head. She bends down slowly heading to my ear.

“What you want to learn? I’m just here to teach you lovely.”

“I want to learn how to bring a woman to an orgasm. I want to know how to make her cream every juice out of her sweet lotus.” I exhale.

“I have a special toy for you, it will bring you to an ultimate climax.” she says giggling.

Tish gets up to get the Magic Rabbit Tickler. I had one of my own and the way the arch of the penis goes directly to the g-spot can put any girl, hell like it does me, on her back forming a cream or squirting herself beyond control.

“So Court, this is the next stage you should take note. The beginning was to stimulate your mind, and take it to a place of freedom, now this stage is the most important; this is the stage where you and I get off. You want me to show you foreplay? Or do you just want hard core penetration?”

“I want it all; I want to learn everything now so I won’t have to come back.”

I lie there with my legs bent and pulled up to my chest. Tish places her hands on my shins to hold them together as she dives in. Her lips and tongue press on my sweet clean tasting pussy. With each stroke I moan and breathe deeper. My legs stretch out even more as I create more room for Tish to move into my pussy hole. She bites my clitoris pressing her tongue against it. 

She slowly releases for a bit, so that I can take in what’s about to happen.

Under my breath I say, "Damn Tish, that feels great.”

Tish sticks her fingers in my pussy. She begins moving in and out slowly, watching the juices flow around her fingers. As the other hand is caressing my breast, I grab her other hand and began sucking her fingers. With each stroke my bites get harder and harder and my pussy begins to get wetter and wetter. As things heat up we both begin caressing each other fast then slow. She grabs my head and pulls me up where we enjoy magical kisses that are more sensual than ever before.

I roll over and form a beautiful arch in her back, the dildo vibrates slowly up and down my archway creating a circular motion between my ass and pussy. Tish kisses me and hits my ass cheeks so I can feel the pain and pleasure. 

I give out a burst. “Yes Tish! Oh my this is amazing. Smack my ass again. I’ve been a bad girl.”

So she smacks my ass again, and again, and again. I can tell Tish is getting turned on with each tingle she feels in her hand. My pussy is dripping and my thighs are covered. I know she can feel the wetness sliding off her fingers. As Mr. Rabbit slides in my body jumps.

“Is it too big Court? Tish asks.

“No, not at all, keep going.”

She teases my sweet pretty pussy, moving it in and out like a nice hard cock. Faster and faster she pounds my pussy, while I grip her breasts from behind. I’m so fascinated at how soft her titties bounce in my hand as she fucks me hard. 

“Harder, harder, fuck me harder! I scream. “Yes. that’s it! Put that dick in my pussy and make me explode. You fuck pussy, uh well, fuck this pussy like this is the last time you’ll get pussy.”

I don’t know what’s made me so bold but I can tell this shit is turning her on. Ain't nothing like shit talking in the bed that makes you climax. So she pushes harder, fucks harder, and grabs my neck from behind.

“Yes, yes! I scream. “Yes, that’s the spot, oh my, I’m about to cum!”

As I’m screaming she pushes the dildo in as far as it can go and gives me fast deep pumps. Taking the toy out midway all I see is a clear river gushing out of my vagina and flowing all down the dildo covering the sheets.

My breaths are deep. I thought she was done, but she isn’t. While I rest for a second, she rubs her two fingers over my pussy.

“How you feeling?” she says.

“Great Tish…wow girl… where you learn that from?” I mutter breathlessly.

“Lol uh, don’t worry about it. You ready to go again?”

“Again, but I’ve already came!” I exclaim.

Well, Tish doesn’t care. She sticks the dildo back inside of me and makes the dick vibrate right on my g-spot. Within minutes I’m squirting all over the place. Needless to say, I end up falling asleep at her house, and haven’t left since.

Written By November Randolph

July 27, 2017


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