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So, now that I got your attention, this next blog post is going to be way different from what I'm used to speaking on, but i been getting a lot of questions and messages about my sexuality with both sexes and the wordage of do I use protection since I "WRITE" so much about sex.

I laughed as I read some of the emails, and immediately thought to myself, "Whose says these stories are me?" Not only that but, just because I write about sex, its makes me sexually active?
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Well "lesbehonest", I love woman, I love men, I love sex, I love being sexual, I love embracing my sexuality and I absolutely love writing about sex, but I am not sexually involved with random individuals nor do I kiss and tell, so with that being said I will address the issue of the importance of using Protection, since that is a subject that Needs to be talked about and mentioned, more so than who I'm screwing and if I'm using protection.

So here we go. I am going to ask whoever is reading this to have an open mind and ask your self this question,
 "Will You have sex and or be with someone with an INCURABLE STD?"

Whoa! Did I lose you? I just got deep on you all didn't I? You're probably sitting back  like where the hell is she going with this? Or maybe you're not, and think, I'm just writing away on a subject you think isn't important, and which is most certainly is.

 If this subject didn't catch your attention or make you think, you my friend just found a reason to stay around and read the rest of my thoughts.
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With the rise of STD's in today's society, and more than HALF of men and woman not  going to the doctors and getting routine checkups, the question has been on my mind for quite awhile. Not only do I want to know but i am positive their are some people who live with an STD would like to know as well.

I have been fortunate to meet and cross paths with individuals who were brave enough to share their story about them either having an Incurable Std or contracting one from their Spouse, Partner, or one night stand, and or dating someone who did have a STD, but never contracting it. and yes the stories are sad but we have to face it, its reality most of us don't know who were sleeping with nor do  we know what their carrying. In the heat of things "Their Word can also be a Sword", and that's how some people tend to live.

But lets move on to what are the INCURABLE DISEASES?
Let me name the top 5 according to the 2017 Health CDC.

1. Herpes Simplex ( Nearly everyone has this virus by the end of there life term) YIKES!!!!

2. HIV (Attacks Your Immune System, but with Medicine and a Natural Regimen people are living longer) Hmmmm

3.HPV and (Genital Warts) ( Can be removed from your body)

4. Hepatitis A&B (Effects your liver)

5. Gonorrhea ( Since of recent news the diseases is becoming resistant to medication so its a 50/50 chance it will clear.

Now there are several more STD's but these are listed as the Top for the CDC. 

Scary right, I would have to say so, but I will also say living with these diseases can be a worse feeling especially because getting a disease isn't a CHOICE. Rather its from Birth, to being married like I stated before all it takes is ONE TIME, and it can even be from
  ORAL PLEASURE So Ladies and gentlemen, let that sink into your mental, for all the individuals who wear a condom but get your dick sucked or Vagina caressed "without" a condom next time.
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So of course this question comes back to me, Will I date someone with an Incurable disease? The answer is I don't know, it depends on the disease and how that person manages it. But if I found myself in  love with an individual and knew everything about the situation I will take it all into consideration even going to the Dr's to find out how my health can possibly be at RISK If i accepted it. I will never judge someone on their past mistakes or hurts, or judge anyone else for loving or being intimate with someone than along the path catches a disease. 

It may sound crazy but at least I am able to admit it. I did a poll with 10 men and woman, ages 18-60 and surprisingly the older individuals were more accepting in considering dating someone with an Incurable disease rather than the younger generation who wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

Several of the people I asked said if it was Chlamydia or Bacterial Infection (lol) than they may can change there mind. Isn't a disease a disease no matter what it is?

Knowing all these diseases can NOW be manageable in one shape or form, why are we so quick to turn our noses up and leave when someone has opened up about it, when indeed for them can be the hardest thing in the world to do.

In my mind I feel if people began to get tested more often and become more comfortable with voicing their mishaps and health sheets, maybe these conversations can be easily discussed and explained rather than looking at these individuals like there Dirt Bags and or ending a relationship before it started. 

Now don't get me wrong everything is also up to you and what you can deal with, but the bigger picture is if we all don't start taking care of our health, asking questions and Strapping up, years from now there will be a bigger issue than what is happening in 2018.

So I am logging off, and these are just my two cents. 
Below are two testimony's from Individuals I know about there experience.

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Protect Yourself
Male Uknown 
37 years old
I dated a girl for 5 years, and from the jump she told me she had herpes 1&2. We took every precaution by not having any oral sex and we didn't have sex when she had a outbreak or bumps, which was only like 2-3x a year. If she didn't move away we would still be together.

27 years old
I dated a guy for almost a year. Things were great and our relationship seemed to be thriving. One night things got a little heated in the bedroom and we ended having unprotected sex for the first time being together. After that incident I did a routine check at the gynecologist and test results came back i had herpes 1&2. After discussing it with him, he denied everything and said he was clean, but obviously wasn't, is now effecting it to many other woman.
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Finger Condoms

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March 2018

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