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How I almost Failed as a Parent

Now before you all jump to any conclusions, this article is not about me putting myself down as a parent, nor is it a reference to me not providing for my child, this article is solely based on my opinion and thoughts after having a serious conversation with my 4 year old after an incident occurred in our neighborhood.

      So here is the story where this all sparked. After a long day of work and school, my daughter and I came home and proceeded to do our daily routine. I began cooking and she went outside to play with her friends. After about 15 minutes an Amber Alert sounded off on my phone, and as most of us do, I looked at it and then proceeded to clear the Amber Alert. Well this is where it took a complete turn. Not even two minutes of me clearing the alert, my daughter runs through the door screaming "Someone kidnapped a little girl!" 
As I saw the frightened look on her face and worry in her eyes, her confusion was  followed by questions of "Who took her?”, “Are t…

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